5 Music Stars Who Have Sold Items From Their Closets

Music and fashion can merge in such beautiful ways, and as the internet becomes more and more immersive, you can get style inspiration from some of your favorite stars. But why stop there when you can own pieces they’ve worn themselves? Some of our favorite celebrities have gotten into reselling their clothes, whether it’s to fund a new creative project or to raise money for charity. Let’s take a look at five stars who have sold items from their closets to fans!

Janet Jackson

Fresh off the heels of her new self-titled documentary, Janet Jackson is offering fans the chance to own a part of her musical history with a closet sale with The RealReal! Fans can browse a collection of her most iconic tour merchandise, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, handkerchieves, and more. We love that Janet has turned her documentary release into such a memorable event for fans. Janet will be donating all of her proceeds to Girls Leadership, a group dedicated to teaching young women and girls to use their voice and fight for their beliefs. Be sure to join in on the fun by shopping the Janet Jackson Archive Collection right here.

The sooner we can teach our girls how to speak up for themselves and to stand up for one another and in what they believe in, the better position they’ll be in as they get older. Women need to support one another more from day one and that starts from when we’re younger. We owe it to the younger generation to teach them, so they make fewer mistakes than we did.

Janet Jackson

Doja Cat

Another wonderful woman of color selling clothes for a non-profit is Doja Cat, who took to Poshmark earlier this month to sell 13 unique pieces from her personal closet. All proceeds benefitted Musicians On Call, a charity that visits healthcare facilities to provide live music to uplift patients. It’s especially poignant after being in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly two years, and we applaud Doja for using her platform for such a great cause! While everything from her first drop has already sold out, keep an eye on Doja’s Poshmark profile here to be the first to know if she adds more items.

Ash Costello

One of the leading women of the modern rock scene, Ash Costello regularly sells both pieces from her own closet and personally curated items she thinks her fans will love! She also offers video messages, personalized lyric sheets, and signed photos with her signature spooky aesthetic always shining through. During each of her major sales, she donates proceeds to animal rescue groups, so you can get a gorgeous new piece while helping pets in need! You can shop her site right here

Olivia Rodrigo

Shortly after releasing her “deja vu” music video in April 2021, Olivia Rodrigo took to Depop to sell some props from the video, including a mirror she held in the clip, as well as pieces from her personal wardrobe. Proceeds from the sale went to charity, and we love that Olivia gave fans the chance to own a part of her musical history! We hope to see more sales in the future, and you can keep an eye out for more by checking out her Depop page here.


It’s no secret that Kesha is a psychedelic style icon, and now her fans can get in on the fun! She sells everything from stage costumes and designer accessories to signed CDs and home decor. She donates proceeds to Black Lives Matter and Musicares, so what’s not to love? Get in touch with your Animal side and shop Kesha’s Rainbow Collection right here.

Which of these stars’ closets would you shop? Are there any stars you wish would sell their clothes online? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Featured Image: Janet Jackson by Tom Munro

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