Boxer Nino Rodriguez Steps into the Grassroots Ring to Endorse Kandiss Taylor for Governor of Georgia

World renowned boxer David Nino Rodriguez announced last week he stands behind Kandiss Taylor one hundred percent. This comes right on the heels of the commercial Kandiss Taylor released several weeks ago of herself throwing punches to the Georgia establishment in a boxing ring.

Last Saturday, January 29, world renowned professional boxer David Nino Rodriguez interviewed Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor on his show on Bitchute.

It seems to be perfect timing for this endorsement, since it comes on the heels of a one minute commercial Taylor just put out where she is in a boxing ring, taking her frustration about the establishment candidates against whom she is running. Rodriguez wasn’t even aware that Taylor had just done this commercial until she mentioned it on the interview.

“I had to train for like three hours to even learn the technique to look decent on video, and I had the boxer say, ‘You did pretty good,’” laughed Taylor to Rodriguez when recalling the experience she had making the commercial. Click here to view the commercial.

Kandiss Taylor georgia governor 2022
Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor

During the interview, Rodriguez expressed his concern over the state of the mainstream media in America, referring to them as “public enemy number one.” Both him and Taylor agreed that the problem in our government is not just one political party. They discussed how the corrupt establishment Republicans who refuse to bend their knee to the people are just as much, if not more, of a problem as the Democrats.

“We should be pissed off about what they’re doing to us,” said Rodriguez, referring to these establishment politicians. “They’re the bully at school taking our lunch money, punching us in the nose, pushing us down on the blacktop and walking away laughing.”

Rodriguez also expressed concern over the massive fraud that has been taking place in recent years in the Georgia elections, much of which Taylor has been on the ground investigating herself. “We know what [government officials who participated in the electoral fraud] did, we’ve seen the video, we’ve seen the data, we’ve pulled tabulator tapes, we did open records requests, we’ve seen the black and white facts,” said Taylor in the interview. She then pointed out that “I was the first one in the country to do the grand juries and go to the grand jury and petition them to hear evidence. I did six of them in Georgia, the DA [district attorney] got in the way every time which is totally unconstitutional, and would not let us present [evidence].”

When Rodriguez asked how she plans to subvert the electoral fraud that could potentially keep her from entering office if she wins, Taylor stated that it is extremely important that people vote on paper if they want their vote to be counted. There has been troves of evidence discovered that question the integrity of these machines, and despite tremendous efforts by election integrity non-profit VoterGA to remove these machines from the Georgia voting process, as it stands they have yet to be outlawed. Taylor also said her ever-growing troupe of volunteers currently stands at over 2,000 people, and they plan to do everything possible to participate in the election process and hold election officials accountable.

Taylor made it clear during the interview that she has no plans to back down from her efforts to restore election integrity and give America back to who it belongs to: it’s citizens. “[Government officials] swore to uphold the Constitution…and they are refusing blatantly to do the will of the people. And that’s why I’m running for governor, because I’m sick of this, it is our country, our states are sovereign,” Taylor expressed with frustration. “We’re not a bunch of beta males, who bend their knee to China, to Hollywood, to Big Tech; they have to bend their knee to the will of the people.”

Taylor pointed out that the Constitution clearly states that government officials are supposed to be merely public servants, “and if we don’t get that to happen in our states, we are going to lose our country.”

Finally, Taylor outlined her platform that she has had since she became a political candidate: Jesus, guns and babies. “We have America so we can worship Jesus freely, that’s why we have a country.” Taylor points out that she understands that not everyone believes in Jesus, and that is ok, because “you can still have the American dream and pursue capitalism” under her administration, no matter who you are. But she is adamant about standing by her own beliefs, because that is simply who she is. “I am going to be honest about who I am and what I believe in,” said Taylor.

The second pillar of Taylor’s platform is guns, “because we have no country without our second amendment.” She explained when our country was founded, the right to bear arms was our second amendment “so we can protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.” Rodriguez responded by pointing out that it seems that day has come, where we all now face the tyrannical government our founding fathers feared.

The third pillar of Taylor’s platform is babies, and that refers not only to the right for a baby to live from the day of conception, but also human trafficking. “Human sex trafficking is huge in Georgia, and I have spent my whole career dedicated in public education as a school counselor, fighting against sexual abuse and trafficking.” When elected, Taylor says she will stop at nothing to see that this vile crime against humanity is eradicated. “If you know you come to Georgia and you trade and buy children and you’re executed swiftly, you’ll quit coming here and trading babies and children.”

Taylor is thrilled to have Nino Rodriguez join her ever-growing list of endorsers, who include Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, Seth Keshel, Stu Peters and Ann Vardersteel. Taylor also had an interview with Vardersteel’s show Steel Truth at the end of last month on the topic of statutes of limitations regarding pedophiles and sex crimes.

On February 1st, Taylor took to Twitter with a hard-hitting 45 second video clip showing Rodriguez in the boxing ring, and then herself in the boxing ring:

For more information on the campaign or to become a volunteer, or to interview Taylor yourself, please contact Kandiss Taylor’s campaign scheduler, Christi Maude. Her email is and her phone number is 912 312 4091.

For more information about Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor online, please visit

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