Real life

Wolves come in many forms, most of which resemble humans. Wolves love to laugh; they master the art of acting

Some of them choose to play the role of the hero, and others choose to close the curtain when they have had enough of their prey

I naturally respect wolves, those that live in the woodlands. But, in this world, the masked wolves are the masters. All their laughter, messages, tears, pain, and love are nothing but smoke rising from the poisons that have accumulated in their souls

Do you remember the last time you met a wolf?

I remember a wolf who was a great performer,hid his fangs under a poisonous smile, and started explaining to me the meaning of loyalty

One day I saw him crying, the tears of the wolf … he could no longer stand the mask. “The play was too long!” he said and the stage curtains did not close

Those wolves walk every day on the road speeding, staring at their phones to see if the operation was done professionally, and continue their way smiling, calling you

Those smiling wolves will send you flowers. Leave the flowers in the yellow vase, spit in their faces,and remember well those smiles: The smiles of death

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  1. I really like the way you write. I love the feeling of mystery you have in your writing, especially with how you portray a wolf’s emotions. Keep up the great work!

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