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MARINE is a talented artist. She’s a CARTOON Writer – ANIME artist- Journalist – Ph.D. student.
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Background Story of WALT DISNEY

ANIMATION Walt Disney was an American film and television producer and showman who is best known as the developer of Disneyland Park in California and a cartoon pioneer. Learn everything there is to know about the guy who built an empire in this essay… Flash Back:Who was Walt Disney? Walt Disney was born in the…

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In a world where foolishness walks beside you once you step out, your red face lights your way. Now walk. Walk. look at that : smiles, laughter, tears, joy, and sadness. One life, like one million hours in four words:  smiles, laughter, tears, joy, and sadness. 5 words to be exact. Am I dreaming? You…


نحن نموت في الحياة أكثر مما نموت في الموت (THE ONE WHO NEVER DIED)

أجلس بقرب المصلوب تحت قدميه ما عساني أقول والليل قتل من لا يموت؟ أجلس ساكتة ماذا أقول لك وأنت أعطيتني الكلام؟ كيف يبكي الإنسان, صانع الإنسان؟ كيف يمشي أو كيف يجلس والموت يطير في كل مكان كل مكان أجلس بقربك زهرة سوداء أم دمعة أين أنت ؟ لا تتركني أحيا الليلة لوحدي فنحن نموت في…

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This is 1 of my favourites quotes, Just/n case I forgot to tell ya “I used to imagine adventures for myself, I inventend a life, so that I could at least exist somehow”F.Dostoevsky No biography,no philosophy,a quick thought only; Marine was talking to herself and repeating: “I invented a life.“ 1,2 3,4. Four words were…

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I cannot gaze at a painting of no shadow I belong to a sphere that grips me As paintings hold their colors As wall embrace their art Your arm is of no importance Tell me why I am overwhelmed with cruel grief when coming back to the human universe, where: LOVE is different Giving is…



She said : I saw him smile at me : ) Ok why should I see his face? I switched my phone to ”fly mode”. Btw, I never understood why it’s named “fly mode”; Sky, plane, me, you, anyway I like the idea. Have you ever met a phone? You all did. That guy who…


20 Traits Of The Most Dangerous & Toxic Type Of Men: The Psychosociopath

The Psychosociopath is the most dangerous & toxic type between 11 types of toxic tyrants. Psychiatrist “R.Hare” has developed a diagnostic tool which makes it possible to translate a composite portrait of the psychopath. It is a checklist of 20 psychological traits relating to psychopathy. Here are the psychological traits that most psychopaths share: 1-…

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When I was young I loved the Monopoly game. I so believed it was a real, I mean a real game… For example, I could unexpectedly own a prodigious hotel in Marlborough Street At that time, I didn’t know that life wasn’t a real game and that Monopoly was closer to the truth than veracity…


I know You Live In New York

Black ink runs in my veins. I shouldn’t have died a thousand times to live once Life takes everything and strolls. –heart pain– After pain, love, and death party in one river. And the pain of the river flows in my heart, hey,, I never enjoyed geography to pursue my drowning soul I sit, not…

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Why Do You

Real-fiction Why do you remember movies’ characters and forget people’s names? A conversation with a stranger on the bus Your smile as I pass in the street We spend years, on the same street, smiling at the same stranger “Say no word for words ruin beautiful things”, he said, Tic Toc Delayed meetings are the…

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 Black Vase (Black)

I am not writing a detective novel, although I like to read them The poison that runs through your veins is a deadly one I love the black vase I put it in my room yesterday( hier soir ) I hate my desk when I become its prisoner I tried to think of you on…

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Golden reminds me of your beautiful hair Behind his desk,he sits watching the war from afar,he gives orders too, from afar, grins from afar Life is an inescapable game. How can you write its rules? You sit behind your desk, you criminal, One-click You tear out a child out of his mother’s arms, One-click You…

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Where should we hide

Where should we hide when thoughts abound around us? Where should we hide when thoughts become our shelter? Hiding from whom? Hiding from what? No,we didn’t hide Where do I put my navy earrings when I remember you? We always look at the sky when we try to escape reality The color of the sky…

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The Smiles Of Death

Real life Wolves come in many forms, most of which resemble humans. Wolves love to laugh; they master the art of acting Some of them choose to play the role of the hero, and others choose to close the curtain when they have had enough of their prey I naturally respect wolves, those that live…

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The Bridge in My Heart

On hearts  Inside our hearts, there are bridges, and they come in different colors.  Some bridges connect us to the outside world and others link us to our souls One day, I was with a stranger walking on a red bridge woven of my veins. When I slipped, I thought that the bridge shattered……

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