Whether thunderstorms paralyze us with fear or hypnotize us with their shattering beauty, there are reflexes not to have when they rage. Because the last thing you want is to know what it feels like to be struck down!

Here is a little guide to help you react well the next time the rain, lightning and thunder appear!

1. Do not use the landline

The telephone line is a power surge conductor. Do not use the landline, only the cell phone.

2. Do not do the dishes

During storms, it is advisable not to touch any metal parts: taps, pipes, radiators, etc.

3. Do not stay under a tree

You should never take shelter under a tree, because the risk of being struck by lightning is high. It is also advisable to avoid staying near a swimming pool or near fences for the same reasons.

N.B.If you are in your car,DON’T open any window. Make sure all windows are closed!

4. Do not use  an umbrella

If your umbrella has metal components, do not hold it over your head, as it will be an excellent conductor of electricity.

5. Do not take a shower or a bath

It is strongly recommended that you stay away from all sources of water in your home, including the shower. During a thunderstorm, electricity can pass through the pipes.

6. Don’t lean your back against a wall

Do not touch any wall or pillar during the thunderstorm, in order to avoid lightning. Instead, you can curl up on the ground with your legs folded in on yourself.

7. Do not cut the circuit breaker

Turning off the meter does not guarantee that your home will be protected from power surges. The best thing to do during a thunderstorm is to unplug electrical appliances and the antenna cable from your television.

8. Stay away from the chimney

If your home has a chimney, stay away from it for the duration of the storm!

9. Do not take shelter in a phone booth

If the telephone line is struck by lightning, the propagating surge may strike the person in the booth.

10. Stay away from windows

Stay away from windows and close shutters or curtains during storms, as lightning is capable of causing retinal damage.

You are now better equipped to face the next storm that will strike!

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