“THIS IS A PERFORMANCE THAT CHANGES THE WORLD”: Watch the Lebanese dancing group MAYYAS, who made it to the America’s Got Talent FINALS!


On Wednesday during a results broadcast of America’s Got Talent, the Mayyas dance group won a spot in the season 17 finals.

The members of the all-female Lebanese dance group embraced one another after learning they had qualified at the end of the one hour program on NBC.

Besides, judges — Vergara, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel praised the exceptional dancers highly and gave them a standing ovation.

“This visually, audibly, in every way is the best moment I have seen in AGT history,” remarked Mandel.

In fact, the dance group captivated the audience with their performance. The following video illustrates it. A MUST SEE!

#1 ON TRENDING – Mayyas Surprises The Crowd With Amazing Dance AGT 2022

Moreover, Sofia Vergara, who awarded the Lebanese dance group with her Golden Buzzer, said that given how well these ladies had performed, she was not surprised that this was happening.

Cowell added to the praise, stating : “Every single one of us in this room, I promise you, are going to remember this moment. This is not just going to change your lives, and this is going to sound very dramatic, this is a performance that changes the world. It was as good as it gets … Respect.”

The Mayyas will be competing in the finals alongside comedian Mike E. Winfield, Metaphysic, vocalists Chapel Hart, magician Yu Hojin, and Sara James; magician Nicolas Ribs; saxophonist Avery Dixon; and country singer Drake Milligan.

Furthermore, the finals will be shown on September 13 and 14 ; Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent on NBC will include performances from the top contestants, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday during the results show.

The winner will get a $1 million grand prize in addition to a performance in Las Vegas. That is to say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

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