Drawing from legendary folk and Americana influences while sprinkling her own glitter on every song she releases, Lauren Monroe puts forward a new classic with Messages From Aphrodite, a stunningly poised exploration of the human experience and the different forms of love we feel along the way. While songs like the bouncy “Dream Again” and the heartwarming “Kiss Me Now” tackle romance in a more straightforward way, many tracks take on a more reflective approach on some of the strongest emotions we feel, joining together in a kaleidoscopic spectrum that everyone can find elements of themselves in. 

“All of the songs in this collection are about love in its many forms,” Lauren told TREMG back in June. “I felt that bringing in the divine feminine was an important piece of the message. I think it’s quite apparent that our culture needs more awareness around the power of love from a higher feminine perspective. How to love, how to grieve, how to be in conflict, and how to dream and heal are guiding themes that are scribed and delivered throughout the album.”

Simply put, this album is divine. So to celebrate the release and the homage Lauren pays to the divine feminine, we wanted to review the album with a little twist! We chose three songs from the record to pair up with Greek goddesses that embody the song’s messages. So press play and dive right in…

“Void of Course”

If you’re a rock fan, “Void of Course” is probably the track that will resonate with you the most. It has a darker tone and describes a descent of sorts into vices and unhealthy habits that you know are holding you back, so we matched this one up with Eris, the goddess of chaos. Rather than being celebrated as a full goddess, Eris is often viewed as just a personification of madness and discord – that messiness isn’t enough to define Eris’ full being, much like how your downfalls don’t define you as a person. 

“This song is an expression of anger, fear, desperation, and knowing what can heal you but choosing the opposite,” Lauren shared in the YouTube description for the song’s music video. “I know so many people who can relate to this including myself within the history of my life. It is one of the most rock-based songs on the album and also one of my favorites.”

“If You Want”

We think “If You Want” is one of the most central songs to Messages From Aphrodite, so naturally, we’re assigning it to Aphrodite! This track is all about the power of love and how it can build courage in anyone, and isn’t that exactly what Aphrodite would want for us? It’s also such a pretty song brimming with Americana and folk influences, so it makes sense for the goddess of beauty to enjoy it.

“‘If You Want’ is a song about choosing love over fear,” Lauren told TREMG. “It’s about trust and allowing ourselves to lead with love instead of the negative feelings that may be shaping our view of others and our world. To me, it’s a choice I need to make whenever a negative feeling hits my awareness. Do I want to be in a place of love right now or in a place of negativity? Being able to steer the ship of our emotions towards love is a practice that can change our life.”


When we talked to Lauren back in June, she said “Gold” was one of the songs she was most excited for fans to hear, and now we can see why! “Gold” is an anthem of courage and perseverance even in the face of the things that scare you – but “don’t be afraid, the tears will come and go.” We think “Gold” would match Arete, the goddess of bravery. She’d have so much fun singing along to lyrics like “I’ll give you mine, the bravest heart of all.”

“in this current world climate, the song ‘Gold’ is one I am looking forward to sharing and talking more about when the album drops,” Lauren explained.

You can find Messages From Aphrodite on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Lauren Monroe on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her official website! Once you’ve followed her, tell us which track is your favorite on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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