When I was young I loved the Monopoly game. I so believed it was a real, I mean a real game…

For example, I could unexpectedly own a prodigious hotel in Marlborough Street

At that time, I didn’t know that life wasn’t a real game and that Monopoly was closer to the truth than veracity itself.

One thing used to scare me: Go to Jail! that guy pointing his finger toward the prison, the place I hated most. (and that exclamation point! God.)

 Twenty years ago, my dream was to own a hotel in the last street (I was told it was the finest).

The amazing thing is, that these streets still shake me once I hear their names:  Fleet Street, Oxford Street  As if I was so familiar with the U.K. or have spent years of my life cycle wandering around its greenhouses and hotels

Chance outside Monopoly is set only once no matter what. The funny thing is that you can’t pick the players surrounding you & for sure, can’t play the game more than once…

Life, I mean that a dirty game does not permit you to meet with the past, go back to Start,

What start?

As you all know, on this planet, when a judge chooses to conduct a person to prison, he does not notify him of the decision directly as Monopoly does.

Monopoly is humble

This extraordinary game survives in each one of us.

You know I love science, imagination is imperceptible. But my game is REAL.

Sometimes, I wish I had purchased the Electric Company (although my country owns a great one), instead of losing in the green’s hotels business, but OK I understand… I was the youngest among the players…

1 thought on “MONOPOLY IS NOT A GAME

  1. Growing up I never liked Monopoly, but there is some reality to the aspects of Monopoly that transfer to real life. Kinda scary when I think about it.

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