Don’t Blame the Wind When There’s a Fire in Your Heart


We occasionally observe ourselves and discover that the same emotions persist for a year or more.

If we have no control over the wheel of Time, why should we offer strangers access to our joy and sadness, which we do? The question is simple, but determining certainty is the most difficult.

Suppose that you own a candy store, and you hand it over to a person who does not intend to succeed, will you not go to him and take back your shop?

Would you not file a lawsuit to recover your property if a renter causes serious damage to the apartment?

Then why don’t we know how to defend ourselves from those who have chosen to invade our souls if we know very well how to safeguard a property?

Is not our soul the most valuable thing we have?

How can we leave strangers to break it, and watch ourselves bleeding, but despite that , we hand them the key to our depth.

And instead of taking them out of the wheel of time, instead of breaking this worn-out wheel… we blame Time…

So we would go around with their fun, for an hour we laugh when they throw at us their beautiful words, then we seek to cry and suffer, and we still ask ourselves why we were burned with pain.

If you pile up the dry leaves inside you,my friend, don’t blame the wind when a fire breaks out in your heart.

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