She said :

I saw him smile at me : )

Ok why should I see his face? I switched my phone to ”fly mode”. Btw, I never understood why it’s named “fly mode”; Sky, plane, me, you, anyway I like the idea.

Have you ever met a phone? You all did. That guy who stores your life.  Your spirits, wrapped in small black cans.

Best thing to do is turning that guy off before bed, for he shouldn’t die soon … WeirD.

 Don’t you love how we can control existence? once we get bored, we buy another life . Logic

I walk in Beirut in my black coat, my comrade. I walk and meditate as usual

What am I thinking?

I only think of you when I’m sitting, sitting straight symbolizes accurate love says the idiot psychologist

While walking, I remember : you are waiting for me at 9 pm

I can’t cancel the date; can’t the date cancel me?

You know I don’t want to smile

I will see you tonight and my black coat will expunge all your words

My dark hair will build a river, so long that you can’t get through

I will only sit on a black chair. I need to see the stars

I want a black star

It is almost time, said the guy

It’s time for someone living out of time… of time.


Nine o’clock?  My coat is terrified

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