The tagline of the Human Library is “unjudge someone”

People are frequently subjected to discrimination and prejudice as a result of stereotypes and stigmas associated with their views, ethnic origins, diagnosis lifestyle choices, and so on.

These judgments are usually made by those who do not take the time to learn about the person in front of them and their narrative. 

An international nonprofit organization situated in Denmark’s capital city has been working on this issue since 2000. With its human Library, it has expressly given people the opportunity to unjust judge others.

You may read individuals like books and ‘unjudge’ them at Denmark’s Human Library…

People play the part of books.

They can listen to the person’s tale and ask them any questions they choose during this time.

The library describes itself on its web website as” a safe space for discourse”, encouraging individuals to ask whatever questions they have.

One can choose a book (or a person) from the Human Library and borrow it for thirty minutes. 

In addition,the Human Library Organization sponsored an event at the reading garden and Copenhagen. The program included titles such as OCD, PTSD, Misophonia, Lonely, Victim of Incest, Sexually Abused, Deaf-Blind, Rare Handicap, Bisexual, Craving human Touch, Early retired, Recovered Alcoholic, Bullied, High IQ, and Giving Child Up for Adoption, according people a wide range of books to pick from. 

Say No to Stigma

Moreover, the Human Library’s books portray groups in societies that are stigmatized and discriminated against with these titles. Individuals are allowed to unjudge one another and become more welcoming by allowing them to learn more about themselves. 

The Human Library has held activities in libraries, museums, festivals, conferences, schools, and universities in over 80 countries so far. It also provides diversity training to businesses looking to increase social and cultural awareness in the workplace. 

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