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Ever since her appearance in Easy A, fans knew that actress Amanda Bynes has truly evolved since The Amanda Show, especially through her social media posts. In 2013, the actress took to Twitter stating she wants rapper Drake to “murder her va*ina”. Her newest trending post, however, is no better as it depicts the actress bare naked taking a bath. However, in a recent encounter with TMZ, Bynes denies the allegations regarding posting the controversial tweet.

“I never took nude photographs like this one and why it’s ‘calculating’ the Internet is beyond me”, Bynes explained to TMZ. “I swear, I’ve never had a connection page to this imposter Twitter account”. Her statement is corroborated by her attorney Tamar Armitak who states that his team “has been trying for years to take the account down, but to no avail. The fact that the account is marked as a celebrity parody page doesn’t help matters”.

Currently, the Twitter account that is under suspicion is Ashley Banks who herself has posted quite graphic content on her page including a video of her bare behind pointed towards the camera saying “You haters can kiss my ass!”.

Between real estate problems and ending her conservatorship (a la Britney Spears), Bynes has been enduring numerous personal struggles. Furthermore, her fiancé had further been grilled by TMZ after being caught “allegedly viewing disturbing pornography”.  “There’s nothing funny about what she was going through mental health-wise,” says Armitak, “and the fact Twitter thought it was appropriate to keep a parody account mocking what she was going through is disgusting. This will be investigated”.

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