Nescafé With Me


Being able to dream elsewhere. Or to Nescafé.

Just because you’re a human, you must have dreams. No matter what you dream about—small or huge will not really matter.

You could imagine living a great life with the one you love. Or even to have romantic dreams or curses about someone while sipping coffee on a bench.

Ignore yourself and turn your head.
Who resides right behind shuttered windows?

I was sick of this world yesterday, and I’m much more exhausted today.

All of these philosophies are uninteresting to me.
I am familiar with a philosopher who concludes his discussion on globalization by spending most of his time in a chamber with no laptop. Just some coffee seems to be enough.

The dream can keep me away from you. A real journalist does not report the news. He conveys the dream; Those dreams that we suppress inside in order to walk on rails weren’t intended for us to begin with.

The word is born to die as the sun goes down. Sink and with it Sink characters.

We get up for coffee tomorrow.
Let’s sip our ashes and check the time. Even you are covered with my blood, just like my watch’s hands.

Come have a Nescafé with me

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