How many remain in our hearts and souls after 20, 30, 40, or 80 years of our life? Is it two or three?

There are moments when just one person remains, without whom we would cease to live. A person with a pure heart and a soul that is more lovely than The Little Prince of Saint- Exupery’s book.

How cruel is life? It separates us from those we love, yet when we are unhappy and don’t want to continue along the path, we remember this person and act on his behalf.

You could believe I’m talking about a man I adored and who adored me. No. I am not talking here of trifles that people call Love. This superficial kind of love does not concern me.

It is just a little word for a great individual who gives without expecting anything in return. Of course, I miss our chats, his exceptional knowledge, his honesty and self-purity.

I’m sure I’ll run across him again, whether it’s in my own country or somewhere else. I remember his brisk walk, his glasses and smile.

The heart’s arteries are many and they connect us to persons we care about.

What binds me to you are the unbounded arteries of knowledge and success. I glance out the window and see you standing on the stage’s threshold. As I promised , the best is yet to come . . .

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