Delivering a dreamy pop anthem with her debut single “I Like You,” CASEY is already creating an immersive wonderland all her own with her music, aesthetic, and visuals. At just 23, she has such a firm grasp of what messages she wants to send to the world and how she wants to do it, and “I Like You” is the perfect introduction to what she has to offer. Originally written as a love song, she’s now reclaiming it as a self-love anthem and we can totally get behind that!

“I actually wrote ‘I Like You’ in the fall of 2020 and wrote it about someone that, in my mind, didn’t deserve it,” CASEY tells TREMG. “I now like to tell myself that I wrote it about falling back in love with myself…or at least trying to find that version of myself that existed in elementary school. I am constantly reminded that life will never be like that again, so I really try to make my music reflect that childlike aspect because life is hard enough as it is!”

Part of what makes CASEY’s charm so appealing is her DIY approach to her work, which gives her full creative control over her striking visuals and fun aesthetic. Everything from her music videos to her Instagram posts returns to a vibrant base that shows off the playful side of her artistry.

“I started writing music when I was 8 years old and have always had a love for imagery and visuals,” she shares. “I actually taught myself a majority of the programs within Adobe Premiere and created the music videos myself with the help of my roommate who was kind enough to film me. I am really inspired by the 90s/2000s era and the kidcore aesthetic because it reminds me of being in elementary school before I really had the ability to think of anything outside of my friends and daily adolescent life.”

So what’s next for CASEY? Aside from continuing to shine in her own individuality and spark, she’ll be releasing a follow-up single later this year called “I Don’t Mind,” which touches on her unique vision and drive to pursue her dreams! The lyrics embody the back-and-forth feelings she has about having to conform to what society expects with a mystical atmosphere reminiscent of Halsey’s Manic album. 

“‘I Don’t Mind’ is ironically about never wanting to work a 9-5 job, yet here I am trying to do both a full-time job and music just to survive in Los Angeles,” CASEY explains. “This was actually written before ‘I Like You.’ I was having a bit of an existential crisis as I was nearing my senior year of college during a worldwide lockdown and realized that I didn’t want to work the typical job, but I had no idea how to do music full-time. Obviously, this is something I am still figuring out so it still applies. I grew up in a family of wealth management advisors and accountants which I have always found to be super odd given that I ended up wanting to do the complete opposite. This song sort of reflects that feeling of not belonging and being okay with it.”

As long as we have CASEY’s music to help us through it, we’re fine with feeling like we don’t belong! You can find “I Like You” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know CASEY on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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