Excerpts from a rational dialogue between a psychologist (P) and an astrologist (A). Enjoy.

P/ Thanks I am good, how are you feeling?

A/ One sec, let me question Jupiter on which equator I stand

P/ Tell me about your recent past, which was shaped by the absence of your parents and the presence of your dog?

A/ I lived in March, and one day I fell to Earth, I found “Futura”; my dog, which was my inspiration in predicting the future.

P/ So, since you are the result of your past, why does the future concern you?

A/ Yeaa, the past is where you can discover your unborn horoscope, but the future is here, I never thought of that. wow.

P/ I can see that the seasons are directly related to your mood

A/ ha me?

P/  Yes you, (you are nothing but a reflection of me), you need luminotherapy

A/ What, lumino-WHAT light are you talking about? I am Sagittarius, see I am a fire sign, I am LIGHT!

P/ When you’re sure you’ve seen something, then realize it’s not actually there

A/ GOD take me back to hell or high high to Jupiter, whatever,, plz

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