Comedy and Disrespect: Are comedians going too far?

Following the Will smith-Chris Rock controversy at the Oscars, people are starting to question whether comedians in the entertainment industry are going too far with their jokes. Personal jokes or jabs at people in the audience have been a part of comedy shows for years, but let’s be honest, no one wants to be humiliated, laughed at, or put on the spot! Yes, this is something we have gotten used to over the years, but what happens when a comedian crosses the line? And yes, we all have freedom of speech, but we also know right from wrong!

[Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at 2022 Oscars and apologize.]

Celebrities like Dave Chappelle who were under fire last year for his jokes on the LGBT community is another example of when a comedian crosses the line. “Sensitive” subjects that include race, sexual orientation, health, or someone’s death, should be left alone!

[Dave Chapelle was under fire for his Netflix special “The Closer” in 2021.]

Rapper T.I also got into a heated altercation with female comedian Lauren Knight this past weekend in Atlanta who brought up his sexual assault allegations on stage. Grabbing the mic, T.I had a handful to say, even calling the female comedian out her name.

This line of work is obviously becoming dangerous, and maybe everyone should start thinking before they speak, and react! Watch the T.I confrontation below, and feel free to leave us a comment on how you feel! Are comedians going too far?

[T.I and his wife Tiny Harris were accused of sexual assault of numerous women in 2021]
[Video courtesy of Youtube/Beewiththetea]

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Article by Jamaila Robinson.

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