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Whether in television or music, celebrities may seem to appear to be in a league of their own. However, outside of the media, celebrities are no more than typical human beings. As such, they, too, are crushing on other men and women. A few celebrities have spoken out on their crushes and we couldn’t agree more with their choices. Here are a few examples:

Jennifer Lawrence:  Hunger Game’s actress Jennifer Lawrence has been a huge fan of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” since it aired and admitted to crushing on the main character and actor Larry David. “I’m in love with him and I have been for a really long time. I even gave him my phone number”, Lawrence gushed in an interview with Vanity Fair. “I love that he didn’t call me. It makes him that much hotter”, concluded Lawrence.

Lucy Hale: Pretty Little Liar’s star Lucy Hale took to Lucky Magazine, expressing her love for actor Steve Carell. “I think Steve Carell is so sexy”, Hale told Lucky Magazine. “I love his beard and his glasses as well. He is my dream man. That is all”.

Ariana Grande: The well-known actress and singer Ariana Grande says that ever since her childhood, she has been crushing on Jim Carey and his slapstick routines. “When I met him, I was kind of nervous, you know? What if I’m not as nice as he was expecting?”, said Grande. “But in actuality, he was so over-the-top, perfect, and just as I hoped he’d be”. When Grande was given a role on Carrey’s showtime comedy “Kidding”, Grande considered it the “greatest moment of my life” (could we blame her?)

Kevin Hart: This trending comedian has admitted to crushing on Beyonce since her debut in Destiny’s Child. Hart was featured on The Tonight Show where he addressed a picture of him standing next to a creepy picture of Michael Jackson. “The whole time in that picture, I was thinking, ‘Where’s Beyonce?! I came to the party to holler at Beyonce!”, says Hart. While the comment elicited a laugh from the audience, Hart certainly wasn’t laughing as he never got to meet Beyonce.

Selena Gomez: Another well-known actress and singer, Gomez took to “What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” saying “I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans. Isn’t he cute? He’s very cute”. Based on the audience’s applause, they agreed with Gomez’s assertion.

Zac Efron: Actor and model Zac Efron has been thirsted upon by numerous women from Miley Cyrus to Simone Biles to Kelly Rohrbach. However, Efron himself has been quite tight-lipped about his crush. However, he finally took to Twitter admitting his ideal girlfriend. “I have been a fan of Reese Witherspoon since I was a kid”, he said. “Me and her were celebrating Earth Day over Instagram. It was truly something special”.

Machine Gun Kelly: Prior to his relationship with Megan Fox, trending rapper Machine Gun Kelly announced in an interview with Fuse that he was crushing on model Kendall Jenner, who was 17 at the time. When questioned by the interview whether he was waiting for Jenner to turn 18, MGK replied “I’m 23, I don’t have to wait. It’s not a creepy age at all”.

Drake: “Since I was 22 years old, I have always been in love with Rihanna. She is one of my best friends”, said Canadian hip-hop artist Drake at the 2016 VMAs. “She has been captivating from day one. An ultimate fantasy. The greatest woman I have known in my life”. Drake even gave her a congratulatory kiss (only to be dodged by Rihanna). Recently, however, Drake has been shifting his affection towards Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj. “I like the stripped-down Nicki”, Drake explained to the Daily Beast. “I like Nicki with no makeup, black hair, some casual clothes, rapping an amazing verse. That’s sexy to me. Nicki is somebody I could spend my life with because I think we really understand each other”.

It’s no secret that almost everyone is crushing on a celebrity, ourselves included. However, it takes guts to admit to their love interest, let alone on Live TV or in the media. Celebrities, in this regard, are just like us and should be loved and treated as such because love and treatment truly make the world go round.

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