How You Can Get Over 40 Outfits Out Of A 13-Piece Capsule Wardrobe From Forever 21

With spring quickly approaching, many of us are thinking about switching up our style, finding new pieces to supplement what we already have, or just trying to come up with new outfit combinations we haven’t tried. But it can be hard to refresh your closet without breaking the bank – that’s where the capsule wardrobe comes in. 

What you’re aiming for with a capsule wardrobe is a versatile collection of pieces you can mix and match to make all sorts of unique looks. You can add statement pieces, interesting accessories, and new styles to your closet as you see fit,  building on the base you create with your streamlined capsule. The key is to stick to a certain color scheme for your capsule to make sure all your favorite “building blocks” can be easily paired.

As you get used to sticking to your base capsule, you’ll effortlessly come up with lots of outfits and stylish combinations! To inspire you and get you started, we’ve curated a sample wardrobe from Forever 21 that will make you look like a fashion expert without breaking the bank. And we’re not taking the easy route by going fully neutral – this capsule is for the color lovers who want to bring their fun energy to their outfits!

Here are the pieces we chose along with some of our favorite combinations they can make together. Check out the end of the post for a full breakdown of all the combinations you can try out!

(c) Forever 21

Leather Jacket-Centric Outfits 

  • Leather + Hello Kitty + plaid skirt
  • Leather + HK + blue jeans
  • Leather + bodysuit + plaid skirt
  • Leather + bodysuit + blue jeans
  • Leather + bodysuit + black jeans
  • Leather + bodysuit + joggers
  • Leather + bodysuit + purple skirt
  • Leather + button-down + blue jeans
  • Leather + button-down + black jeans
  • Leather + tube top + blue jeans
  • Leather + tube top + black jeans
  • Leather + tube top + joggers
  • Leather + purple top + blue jeans
  • Leather + purple top + black jeans
  • Leather + purple co-ord

Denim Jacket-Centric Outfits 

  • Denim + Hello Kitty + blue jeans
  • Denim + HK + black jeans
  • Denim + HK + joggers
  • Denim + bodysuit + plaid skirt
  • Denim + bodysuit + purple skirt
  • Denim + tube top + blue jeans
  • Denim + tube top + black jeans
  • Denim + tube top + joggers
  • Denim + tube top + purple skirt

Cardigan-Centric Outfits

  • Cardigan + Hello Kitty + plaid skirt
  • Cardigan + HK + blue jeans
  • Cardigan + HK + black jeans
  • Cardigan + bodysuit + plaid skirt
  • Cardigan + bodysuit + blue jeans
  • Cardigan + bodysuit + black jeans
  • Cardigan + bodysuit + purple skirt
  • Cardigan + bodysuit + joggers
  • Cardigan + bodysuit + purple skirt
  • Cardigan + purple shirt + blue jeans
  • Cardigan + purple shirt + black jeans
  • Cardigan + purple shirt + joggers
  • Cardigan + purple co-ord

Button-Down-Centric Outfits 

  • Button-down + tube top + blue jeans
  • Button-down + tube top + black jeans
  • Button-down + bodysuit + blue jeans
  • Button-down + bodysuit + black jeans
  • Button-down + bodysuit + purple skirt
  • Button-down + purple co-ord

Which of these looks is your favorite? Will you be trying these outfits at home? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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