5 Older Mobile Games That Hold Up Well in 2022

With the advent of the first iPod Touch in 2007, an entirely new world of gaming was born in the form of mobile phones. While iPods were originally designed solely for the purpose of listening to music, the creation of the app store on the iPod Touch allowed for the device to conduct other tasks such as checking the weather or surfing the Internet. Most notably, however, the app store allowed us to download video games, all of which had relatively simplistic controls and didn’t require Internet connection to play. Many of these games are highly addictive and are still as compulsive now as they were then. Here are 5 examples of arcade genre mobile games from the late 2000s to early 2010s that will still leave you hooked today:

1. Temple Run: This mobile game requires you to jump over gaps and trees and slide over traps of fire while being chased by a group of humanoid zombies. Controls include swiping the screen left, right, up, and down to turn right, turn left, jump, and duck, respectively. You can also tilt the device to collect coins to unlock collectibles and upgrades for your next run. There is something addictive about seeing how far you can get with the flesh of zombies nipping at your toes along with the jungle-themed background music. This feeling is just as intact today as it was then and people will easily become obsessed playing this endless running game.


2. Jetpack Joyride:  Another eternal running game, Jetpack Joyride involves flying above and below lasers and missiles, completing missions in the process such as high-fiving scientists and rubbing your head on the ceiling. With new updates came new gadgets and vehicle upgrades to make the game last longer and the quick paced nature of the game and sheer “joy” of wreaking havoc on the laboratory has kept up very well even today.

3. Paper Toss: Remember throwing crumpled up pieces of paper into the garbage can from across the room in elementary school? Paper Toss pays homage in this experience as it involves swiping the screen to throw a ball of paper into the garbage can from various distances. There is also strategy involved as the office fan will obscure the trajectory of your throw. Successfully landing multiple shots in a row is satisfying and fulfilling and this game will have you playing for hours to break your own streak.

4. Fruit Ninja: Created by HalfBrick Studios, the same creators as Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja involves swiping and chopping thrown pieces of fruit (like a ninja). Some fruit is explosive and must not be touched, lest the game will end. Similar to Paper Toss, Fruit Ninja is addictive in that players try to create combos and break their own record, the feeling of which is rewarding today.

5. Doodle Jump: In 2010, the App Store had dubbed this game as “instantly addictive” and they weren’t lying. Tilting the device to tread platforms while avoiding enemies is oddly satisfying and addictive. There are upgrades such as jetpacks and springs to help you along your run. Doodle Jump is truly addictive and the graphics, controls and overall concept has aged flawlessly.

All 5 of these games can be purchased on the app store today. Whether on a long road trip or sitting in the waiting room, these classic mobile games are sure to keep you entertained for hours and can be downloaded for free! So get to the app store and play the day away!


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