Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor plans to fight Rivian’s unilateral decision to pave Georgia’s rural paradise. This comes as growing fears rise among Georgia citizens over the expansion of Atlanta-esque metropolises across the state.

Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor plans to fight Rivian’s unilateral decision to pave Georgia’s rural paradise. This comes as growing fears rise among Georgia citizens over the expansion of Atlanta-esque metropolises across the state.

As a native of Georgia, Taylor believes it is the most beautiful state in the nation, and fully intends on protecting its valuable agriculture industry. “We have beaches, we have metro, and our number one business is agriculture. It’s a billion-dollar industry, and this is why China wants us so bad.”

Here comes another billion-dollar industry – 5 billion, to be more precise: the electric vehicle automaker and automotive technology company Rivian. And they are applying to rezone 2,000 acres of rural land surrounding the small towns of Madison, Rutledge and Social Circle for their next electric truck/auto assembly plant.

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In a press release from Rivian, the company said that the project “represents a key next step as Rivian scales aggressively toward higher-capacity production for our future generation of products.” And though they made this decision solely based on their own needs and desires, and did not consult the people of Georgia, Rivian stated that “we’re confident that, alongside Illinois, Georgia is the place for Rivian to continue to scale and thrive.”


Taylor has expressed grave concerns over the amount of Chinese bought land taking over Georgia, and increasing number of warehouses and solar panel farms being installed throughout her breathtaking home state. And she believes that when it comes to having a new a several-thousand-acre warehouse implemented in rural areas of Georgia that are treasured by the state’s citizens, “it should be a community decision.” And the concern among Georgia’s citizens goes beyond losing farmland; there is also growing concern about the environmental impact and potential hazards of these electric car batteries.

For this reason, Taylor opposes projects like the plan to build this oversized Rivian warehouse, which would be located in Morgan & Walton Counties, adjacent to Newton and Jasper Counties. Since the plant would sit on 2,000 acres of land, that would make it five times the size of the Tesla auto assembly plant in Fremont, California. Taylor has noted that there are other areas in the vast Peachtree state where this plant could be installed, without wreaking so much havoc on Georgia’s small towns, rural life and natural environment.

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What’s even more concerning is the fact that Rivian is also “seeking waiver of environmental impact studies before rezoning in order to circumvent environmental constraints until too late to object,” according to the website, which opposes the project.


The plans for this project may quite possibly have something to do with the substantial incentive package of tax breaks, abatements and infrastructure improvements being offered to Rivian by the State of Georgia. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one attractive feature of this incentive package is a $5,250 tax break per job created, as well as financing, for a Quick Start training and recruitment facility for Rivian.

Taylor is dumbfounded by the rapidly growing trend of warehouses appearing all over Georgia. At a campaign rally on February 13, Taylor said that a lawyer from Alabama called her up and informed her that current Georgia governor Brian Kemp bankrolls numerous warehouses throughout the state. “Why? What are they hiding in there?” Taylor laughed.

Georgia currently ranks ninth for GDP in the United States, according to the World Population Review, but Taylor says that “we could do better and be number one.” She explains that because of Georgia’s vast resources, the state is a central focus for the federal government and an avenue for all the billionaires in control to financially benefit at the expense of the people. “We’re not stupid, we know we’re an international airport city that brings in trade, with two beautiful ports to Savannah and Brunswick that can transport goods from other countries.”

Taylor is adamant that when she becomes governor, she will see to it that the entire state’s issues will be addressed equally. “We’re going to care about Atlanta and the traffic issues. We’re going to care about North Georgia and their manufacturing. We are going to care about the whole state.” She says that when she’s governor, the citizens of Georgia will be the first to benefit from their treasured resources. “Georgia feeds the world. But we are going to feed Georgia first,” says Taylor.

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“We have to ask questions,” says Taylor. She advises the people of Georgia to pay close attention to the changes they see taking place in their state, just as she is doing. “This is one issue…but one little issue after another and another, and it’s just a million dollars here, and a million dollars here, and a million dollars there, and then they [Georgia’s elite politicians] have totally snowed us all while we’re working and paying taxes, and raising our families,” states Taylor.

Throughout her recent bus tour, Taylor has been outlining her platform that she has had since she became a political candidate: Jesus, guns and babies. “We have America so we can worship Jesus freely, that’s why we have a country.” Taylor points out that she understands that not everyone believes in Jesus, and that is ok, because “you can still have the American dream and pursue capitalism” under her administration, no matter who you are. But she is adamant about standing by her own beliefs, because that is simply who she is. “I am going to be honest about who I am and what I believe in,” said Taylor.

The second pillar of Taylor’s platform is guns, “because we have no country without our second amendment.” She explains that when our country was founded, the right to bear arms was our second amendment “so we can protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.”

The third pillar of Taylor’s platform is babies, and that refers not only to the right for a baby to live from the day of conception, but also human trafficking. “Human sex trafficking is huge in Georgia, and I have spent my whole career dedicated in public education as a school counselor, fighting against sexual abuse and trafficking.” When elected, Taylor says she will stop at nothing to see that this vile crime against humanity is eradicated. “If you know you come to Georgia and you trade and buy children and you’re executed swiftly, you’ll quit coming here and trading babies and children.”

Taylor, who has her PhD in counseling, has worked as a public servant in the school system for twenty years, mostly as an administrator but also as an educator. This experience makes her an ideal candidate to fight the doctrines being implemented in our schools today that have Georgian parents concerned, such as critical race theory and social emotional learning.

Though she has yet to take an oath to protect the people of Georgia, Taylor took it upon herself to investigate the massive fraud that took place in the 2020 election (unlike Georgia’s current governor Brian Kemp or any of the other current gubernatorial candidates in Georgia, including Stacey Abrams and David Perdue). She pulled tabulator tapes, made open records requests, and saw the discrepancies with her very own eyes.

Taylor also initiated efforts to call for a forensic audit of the 2020 Georgia election results last year. For the 2022 election, Taylor is urging voters to vote using via absentee paper ballot, and turn the ballots in on Election Day in person, since there have been so many issues with the voting machines.

For more information on the campaign, or to interview Taylor yourself, please contact Kandiss Taylor’s campaign scheduler, Christi Maude. Her email is and her phone number is 912 312 4091.

For more information about Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor, or to become a volunteer or donate, please visit

Sarah Webster contributed to this article.

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