As the war in Ukraine unfolds, we at TREMG have been keeping residents of Ukraine and their families in mind with a heavy heart. We want to do as much as we can to help raise awareness for the survivors of these terrible events, and wanted to share different ways you can help. You can donate to the Kyiv Independent right here, as well as smaller media outlets here, and a charity drive helping citizens here.

With that in mind, we’d also like to help uplift creatives and small businesses who are using their talents to help Ukraine, so get familiar with these names and give them your support!

Tamara Davydova

Our list kicks off with the talented Ukrainian fashion designer Tamara Davydova, who launched her sustainable clothing brand, MINIMALIST, last year. Based in New York, the brand focuses on creating versatile pieces you can get a lot of wear out of, made of stunning fabrics from Europe. She’ll be donating 30% of all proceeds from her store to Ukraine’s Red Cross and UNICEF, so be sure to check out her line and use the coupon code “TOGETHER” for 10% off.

Kyiv is the city where I was born, where I spent my childhood, where I studied at the art academy. My husband and I got married at the Kyiv Botanical Gardens. My entire family and circle of childhood friends are still there. It’s been devastating watching the war unfold.  To date my loved ones have stayed safe–but thousands have not been so lucky and millions are fleeing the violence. I’m trying to do what I can to support organizations in Ukraine helping women and children affected by senseless violence.

Tamara Davydova
(c) Tamara Davydova

Nick Hudson

British singer-songwriter Nick Hudson just dropped his latest single, “Lights/Svoboda” (“Lights/Freedom”), a song inspired by the war in Ukraine. All proceeds from the song will benefit Red Cross Ukraine and Razom Ukraine, two organizations dedicated to humanitarian aid and helping those affected by the conflict. He initially started writing the song six years ago while working with his band, The Academy Of Sun, but thought now would be the perfect time to release it. Be sure to check out the single on Bandcamp

The opening features a recording I made in Georgia, into my Soviet cassette recorder, of my 20-year-old Russian exile friend who fled to Georgia to avoid facing criminal charges for protesting Navalny’s imprisonment. I had him say ‘freedom, hope, and truth’ in Russian. He’s headed to join the Ukrainian army this week.

Nick Hudson

Pursoma is an affordable self-care brand dedicated to making quiet relaxation time more accessible. They’re now teaming up with Target to bring their serene products to the masses, and we love their mission to help customers feel more secure and calm in their lives. To help Ukraine, Pursoma will be donating a portion of all proceeds to Bstrong, an organization founded by Bethenny Frankel that helps with emergency support. So far, Bstrong has helped Ukrainian refugees find housing in Poland and raised over $6 million for the effort.

(c) Pursoma

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