What will history say about the year 2022?

Will it say that’s the year Putin bombed a nuclear power plant and tried to forcibly take over Ukraine? Are we going backwards in our intellectual thinking? Our ability to process thoughts? Are we de-evolving?

You have to wonder what Putin’s front line was thinking when they were ordered to strike at a nuclear power plant. No one seemed to stop and go boss do you think that’s a good idea?

It is the year 2022 and we are still seeing war in our world.

I would think the human race has grown beyond war and fighting over lines on the world map. Should we not be trying to further our knowledge of the ocean, building better rockets, to prep for space exploration.

Our knowledge as a race seems to be going backwards and not forwards. 

We should be at a time where we expect, no, demand more from our leaders than what we currently are getting. I mean 30 % of our income is going straight to taxes before we even see our paychecks.

Not to mention how much we pay in taxes at the grocery store or the pump. We should at least be getting what we pay for.

At the very least we should be demanding more than what we are currently having to scrape by with this country was founded on tea taxes.

Tea taxes! A group of white guys got together and were like, Nah man, don’t mess with the tea, okay. Not the tea, not today!

When headline news is someone being slapped at the Oscars it’s no wonder we are going backwards.

People are more interested in tabloids and love affairs than knowledge. Why not though, I mean it works out great for our leaders. Keeps us divided and distracted cause if we had our eye on the bottom line, we might get together and demand change, and our leaders cannot afford the change.

I mean if millionaires had to start forking over taxes in the percentages that the middle class does, man o man.

If that ever did happen, we would definitely see change. Instead of having to vote for the lesser of two evils maybe one-day evil won’t even be on the docket.

If we can’t be the change, how can we expect changes to come about…. 

I will just leave these thoughts right here.


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