BLM has more than 40 chapters around the world educating the public about police brutality and systematic racism which affects the Black community the most. With receiving more than $90 million in donations and global recognition, people with opposing beliefs are just waiting for them to slip up.

Last week, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors participated in a conference call with numerous Black-oriented media outlets to address the issues raised by the article and other criticisms echoed in other media.

The organization recently received negative feedback when Amazon in a very public and reported turn of events, opted to remove BLM from its verified lists of charities, citing lack of transparency.

Black Lives Matter is refusing to apologize for using donor funds to buy a multi-million dollar mansion, instead opting to double down on the purchase in a Twitter thread on Monday April 11th.

Last week, New York Magazine reported that “…the California property was purchased for nearly $6 million in cash in October 2020 with money that had been donated to BLMGNF(Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation).”

The org responded via a Twitter thread.

Cullors explained that the purchase of the California house, which she describes as a “multipurpose property” occurred in October 2021, when she was still executive director of BLM Global Network Foundation. She said that it is common for organizations to own real estate for business purposes and characterized the purchase of the California property, which she refers to as a campus, as a “huge accomplishment” for BLM. “Securing a Black space is neither a crime nor a hustle,” Cullors said in defense of the purchase, characterizing it as part of a “long legacy of Black people wanting to secure land and property.”

” Comparing Black Lives Matter to the Civil Rights Movement, Davis explained that “I knew from the outset…that there would be attacks.” Davis was placed on the FBI Most Wanted lists due to her protest activities. She was arrested and fled to Cuba. Since 2014, after the murder of teenager Michael Brown by a police officer, the FBI placed BLM activists, many of whom only began being outspoken via social media postings and organized protests in the wake of the murders of Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and Tamir Rice subsequently sending a national message that African American men, women, and children are not valued.

The unclassified version went public in August of 2017. Three years before the murder of George Floyd Jr. As a black American, what’s been said about you is less important than what you feel about your community. We prepare for backlash. We get into good trouble.

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