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Santa Anna, Texas: The U.S Fish and Wildlife service were surprised to find a brand new species of bird had flicked to the United States. The species has been dubbed the Bat Falcon and is most commonly found in regions of Mexico, Central America, and South America. The species was pictured perched on a thin branch at the Santa Anna National Wildlife Refugee in Texas.

“This is the first recorded time that the bat falcon has flown into the states”, says Aurelia Skipwith, former director of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. “It was first spotted in December in Central America last year. We actually thought it was a juvenile based on its bright coloration and throat color (light brown). The size and shape of the beak imply it is a male”.

The bird was spotted again in mid-February near the Texas-Mexico border. “Do I have something on my face? Why is everyone looking at me?”, says a Facebook post, making fun of the bat falcon’s appearance.

A picture of the bat falcon is shown above. Skipwith notes that, upon spreading its wings, it truly looks like an amalgam of a bat and a falcon. It is still unknown why this bird flew to the United States and why it has not been spotted in the country previously. “While most birds fly south for the winter, why did this bird fly west?”, asked Skipwith.

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