As questions continues to bubble up around the Georgia primary election last month, gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor has developed a plan that is as foolproof as they come: individual affidavits signed by the people that voted for her.

As questions continue to bubble up around the Georgia primary election last month, gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor has developed a plan that is as foolproof as they come: individual affidavits signed by the people that voted for her.

Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor has a very important announcement for the people of Georgia that voted for her: please fill out an affidavit available on her website stating that you voted for her, have it notarized, and do this as soon as possible. She has already created a form, which is available on her website, for voters to print out and fill out. They can then get it notarized at a local grocery store, post office or church, but Taylor said if voters cannot get the form notarized, to simply reach out to her campaign and they will find a notary. Taylor also urged Georgians to reach out to anyone they know who voted for her and notify them of this plan of action.

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An affidavit is an official statement of facts and a binding legal document. By having individual voters prove who they voted for through these affidavits, this is the most surefire way to see that the election is overturned if the outcome was in fact falsely tabulated. “This has never been done, and we’re gonna use what we know works Constitutionally, and we’re gonna represent the people and the voice of the people through what works with the Constitution, and that is affidavits,” said Taylor on Facebook live the evening of June 7.

Indeed, there has been a lot of questions around the May 24th primary election in Georgia, and these questions are coming from a lot more people than just Taylor and her supporters. A recent hand count done for the Democratic primary race in Dekalb County, Georgia revealed a whopping 2,810 that were not counted at all towards the vote total on election day. And, according to journalist Emerald Robinson (formerly of Newsmax), it’s a miracle that the hand count even took place. On June 2, Robinson reported that the hand count “only happened because the candidate Michelle Long Spears took pictures of the precinct-level results and showed them to the local media site Decaturish and those machine ‘results’ showed that Michelle Long Spears was getting zero votes in her own precinct.

What’s more, VoterGA is holding a press conference tomorrow to “announce an election challenge, expose several electronic vote counting failures in the 2022 Georgia primaries and provide details on the refusal of counties to abide by Open Records Request (ORR) law in fulfilling requests for copies of ballots.” Of course, these vote discrepancies from the primary are no surprise to anyone that is aware of the vulnerabilities and numerous red flags that have been raised about Dominion Voting Machines in the past couple of years. VoterGA has been fighting for years to get rid of the ballot marking devices in Georgia, and included in these efforts is a lawsuit they filed in 2021 to ban Dominion Voting Machines. At the court hearing for that lawsuit in October 2021, VoterGA expressed concerns about whether there’s a way to verify that the QR code used to tabulate a voter’s intent reflects the voter’s choices after using a ballot marking device. These concerns were dismissed by the judge, as you can see for yourself in this video of the hearing.

Yet it was just announced last week, by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), that the Dominion voting machines have vulnerabilities that make them susceptible to hacking. This is the same committee that announced in November 2020 that the general election was the “most secure in American history.” Clearly, Taylor, other candidates that ran in the primary election last month, and all voters have more than enough reason to be concerned. “Good thing about 3.4 percent, 31,000 votes [which Taylor was reported to have received], that’s not gonna be hard at all to beat, with real voters that actually voted,” said Taylor. “And the beautiful thing about this, because you know God, He will outsmart crooks every single time, and this is his idea, and this is an idea that our whole team has been praying about for two weeks.”

If you voted for Kandiss Taylor, or know anyone else who did, please go to right away and have the appropriate parties fill out this form. If you need help with notarizing the affidavit please email

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