She most recently sat down with The Skimm to discuss the current events surrounding abortion rights. Read her story here.

She is working on the music video for her latest song titled ‘get money’. Get Money is the lead single off Tee Slave’s next tape, Disconnected. On the track, she mocks the rudimentary ‘get money’ mentality seen in young Black Americans on TikTok challenging her listeners to rethink financial powers: “What you need with all this money, we already paid the pipers, let it go. Own what you owe, dollar bills circulate to the crew and row, oh what a scandal, the World as we see it and the one that we know.”

Tee explains how the Aunt Becky scandal gives insight into what rich people do to win leaving poorer minority groups out. Disconnected has been delayed due to hiccups with fellow independent creators. It is slated to be released this Summer with a follow up tape coming in September.

She produces a YouTube channel under her name Tahyira Savanna. Check out her latest generational trauma series.

In part one, she explains #tracing our roots, and how tech helped us become teachers to our grandparents. In part two she discusses #unlearning as a tool for first generation Americans like herself.

Tahyira is a lifestyle writer, podcaster, journalist, and tv personality. She developed this series to engage Black Americans on topics ranging from generational mental health diseases to current access to medicine. It is common knowledge that there is racial disparity in healthcare.

Meanwhile, the American Psychiatric Association, says that one in three Black people who need mental health assistance can receive it. 

The black race as Tahyira says is the human representation of what it looks like to survive enslavement. In 2022, the remnants of slavery are alive and well. How does it make you feel about your future?

In the next three episodes, Tahyira breaks down three aspects of Black generational trauma.

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