Tee Slaves attended RWT on Monday September 4th 2023, at the SOFI Stadium in Inglewood California.

9.04.23 in #celebration 09.04.81 🐝 The 42nd life of a Black girl turned SUPERNOVA that has inspired soooo many people to dream bigger here in the United States 🇺🇸 – this one especially: @iletthegoodtimesroll / @teeslaves 🥳🪩

“I meannn there is no childhood without her, I watched NO NO NO on video music box. I had bought writings on the wall because they looked soo freakin fly on the cover and I wanted to read the album book, plus Bills Bills Bills was my fave song to sing – lolz still singing it honestly its timeless. When I played it, I remember I was on a bus ride to Williamsburg VA and I never heard music like that, one song melted into the other so perfectly it low key felt like one story, it was creative and it was FRESH. Thou shall say my name im like nahhhh what who thought of all this. I performed as a kid a lot, we did 8 Days of Christmas and was so hyped because it was a Black mood for the holidays, was very over rockin around the whatever…. Then I kinda lived in pop for a while and survivor / independent ladies era was pop. When they dropped Crazy In Love I was a high school cheerleader and it was our halftime dance. I remember practicing it like maybe 100 times – the song however never got old. You could hear their collective passion and admiration for each other on it, I kept my eye on J+B. In college the internet rumors were too much on youtube so people tried to get me to hate them lol like I remember literally not even trying to defend them ending up defending them cuz of go hards. I thought, wow they must be chosen to receive this much hate. People were also obsessing – my friend told me a story about someone getting stabbed because they didn’t know they were married. Like that’s sick. When I met my husband, he worked at Starbucks, he got me her album 4. Lets just say listening to her, I got him to put a ring on it. She changed the game with that digital drop. Its why so many are now independent artists. We owe her a lot as far as exposing music industry practices. Lemonade is free marriage counseling and Renaissance is freedom of expression – in Black skin. Love you Bey. Thanks for everything.”

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