This Obscure Holiday Has Aged Flawlessly

In addition to Juneteenth, the third week of June also honors National Dump the Pump Day-where people are encouraged to resort to public transportation such as buses and trains instead of their cars. While the holiday was first acknowledged in 2006, Dump the Pump Day has become trending on social media in light of the exponential raise in gas prices.

In fact, the holiday is so relevant in 2022 that the C-Train company has expressed on Twitter that they are offering “free rides and free service all day”. Also, the City of Burlingame has formulated a new “transportation map to find a free shuttle”. Many people have taken to social media commenting “This holiday has aged like fine wine” or “Please start carpooling and going green on National Dump the Pump Day”.

According to analyst Ben Hooper, Dump the Pump Day “has been recognized by over 100 public transit systems across the United States. Some even hold educational events to discuss the services they provide”. “It’s a great opportunity for public transit systems to showcase the safe, convenient, and reliable bus and rail services that serve people in communities of all sizes”.

With gas process soaring to over $5.00 per gallon, it is no surprise that Dump the Pump Day has gained such notoriety. Soon, every day may be National Dump the Pump Day which may be beneficial to creating a “fossil-fuel-free America”. Other holidays throughout the month of June that deserve more extolment include Nurses Assistant Day, Sea Turtle Day and, for the kids, National Veggie Day!

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