Micron’s Newest SD Card Review; Is it Worth It?

Ever since the introduction of the SD card in 1999, users have had the ability to store data on a separate device or gain more data. The earliest SD cards could hold about 100 MB of data-enough to store about 2 college research paper. In the 2000s and 2010s, however, SD Cards are capable of holding up to 1024 GB of data. The Micron company has recently announced its 1400 micro SD card which can hold anywhere from 256 GB of data to 1.5 terabytes (TB) of data. In other words, Micron’s SD card will hold over 1 trillion bytes of data!

While the card has not been released yet, it was first discussed at the 2022 World Conference where, according to the event, the card is manufactured “using a 176 layer 3D NAND process with a focus on performance and endurance”. This differs from previous models relying primarily on storage itself than the operating system’s tolerance and conversion to the amount of data transmitted in the SD card.

Furthermore, the event also describes that the MicroSD card “is aimed primarily as a storage device for video security devices such as dash cameras and police body cameras”. This is also a crucial aspect as photos and videos use more than double the data that traditional documents and words would use. For example, if we were to convert this blog post into a video, the video would use about 10 MB of data while these words would only take up after 8 KB.

According to reporter Andrew Liszewski, the Micro SD card “can store up to 120 full days of footage without specs on resolution, frame rate, and compression level”. Due to lack of emphasis on video quality, more data could be stored in the SD card without sacrafising the frame rate. Traditional SD devices could hold overall footage of about 30 days. Overall, the device has a time rate of approximately 2 million hours meaning the card will last over 200 years!

The price of the device has not been announced yet, but it will tentatively be quite exorbitant. SanDisk’s 32 GB SD card is on the market for about $13.00 while its 1TB SD card sells for almost $500! Knowing that the card is produced for Industrial purposes and the importation of these industrial tools, the price will probably increase further, perhaps even ranging into the thousands.

Depending on it’s uses, Micron’s SD card may or may not be worth it. For those desiring to store pictures and videos, the SD card is definitely worth the hundreds of dollars you will likely have to spend. However, for college purposes or for those who produce documents without illustrations, it may be best to resume using the traditional SD cards. Regardless, technology has come a long way from kilobytes to megabytes to gigabytes to terabytes to the world itself!

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