Florida Governor Boasts About Felons Caught Trying to Vote, The Counties We’re Mostly Black American Neighborhoods

DeSantis is perhaps the America Made Great Again show pony. His attacks against the LGBTQ+ community, abortion access, Walt Disney Inc, and voting access for Black Floridians has all been heavily documented. We are helping Nikki Fried, a female democrat fighting back against DeSantis.

20 people were charged with voting fraud in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties, some of the most Democratic in the state. DeSantis used a press conference in Broward County today to champion the work of the office of election crimes and security. In Florida, convicted felons for murder and sexual crimes are placed on a lifetime voting ban. Due to the craziness of the American voting system, built to keep out Black voters in all 50 states, it becomes a post-incarceration target tool. It happened in Memphis, Tennessee, prosecutor drops all charges against Pamela Moses, jailed over voting error.

Ron DeSantis suspends Florida prosecutor who promised not to enforce abortion ban. We want to note that early voting in Florida ends on Saturday August 20th. This is a coordinated attempt to keep the reality of the American electorate stifled. If this were Germany in 1940, the Governor of Florida, would be a Nazi.

2 responses to “Florida Governor Boasts About Felons Caught Trying to Vote, The Counties We’re Mostly Black American Neighborhoods”

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