If you need a little relaxation that feels like a summer getaway, look no further than Boychik’s serene new track “Jasmine Vine.” Opening with a gentle harmonic strumming and building into a seaside epic complete with strings and thoughtfully-layered vocals, creative mastermind Ben Levi Ross finds a way to make the song sound simultaneously peaceful and adventurous. They use Jasmine as a symbol of nostalgia and stillness, serving as a grounding point that we all need after the past few chaotic years. 

“I wrote this song in two halves, the second half before the first. I had the lyrics and melody of the last minute and a half of the song for a few months,” Ross shares. “[The idea of the Jasmine vine] was something I would come back to often when playing piano… It was a grounding idea that had worked to alleviate existential anxiety for me for years. The smell of the Jasmine flower pervaded the neighborhood I grew up in; growing on the sides of homes, down familiar streets, in my pre-school garden. The intoxicating smell continues to be incredibly grounding in its nostalgia. I couldn’t and still can’t really believe that something that smelled that beautiful is found untouched in nature.”

The music video for “Jasmine Vine” is just as cinematic as the song itself, seeing Boychik explore a dim hallway, a buffet cart in a hotel room, and a calm beach as the sun sets. It’s a powerful reminder that no matter where you are, or how dark things seem, there’s always something out there that can make things easier. You just need to find it!

Ross explains, “I collaborated with two of my best friends Gabby Goldberg and Sekai Abení on the visual for this song and we slowly pieced together this idea of me in a very stripped-down look, foraging food from the earth and from the sea and coming back to some nondescript space and indulging in the fruits of my labor. It’s a different visual side of Boychik, expanding the ever-changing landscape of what this project is and can continue to be.”

(c) John Novotny

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