Kanye Tells Gap To Fuck Off, Closes Deal Through Legal Team

Ye told CNBC that sometimes it felt like “I was on mute or something.”

The partnership was originally announced in June 2020 and included the release of a number of fast-selling, buzzy items, but according to a Wall Street Journal report on the split the Gap was required to sell 40% of Yeezy Gap product in its retail stores during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, which reportedly did not happen.

“Call me whatever names you want,” ……“If you don’t understand why I will not back down on my businesses my brands and my children then you’re the ones who are crazy.” “And everyone knows that I’m the leader. I’m the king, right?”

“So a king can’t live in someone else’s castle. A king has to make his own castle.” “Gap’s substantial noncompliance with its contractual obligations has been costly,” West’s lawyer Nicholas Gravante told CNN in a statement on Thursday (Sept. 15). “Ye will now promptly move forward to make up for lost time by opening Yeezy retail stores.” Gravante said that Kanye was left with “no choice but to terminate their collaboration” after the chain reportedly failed to open Yeezy-branded stores.

Kanye West and Chris Rock 2022

Ye continues to be outspoken as seen in his documentary Jeen-Yuhs, they might hate him now, but they will thank him later.

What do you think about Black entrepreneurs being outspoken against white corporations? Let us know in the comment section below.

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