It’s no secret that music can shape us and move us in ways that perhaps nothing else can. It can bring people together in a universal way that evokes such special feelings and energy. So why not lean into that and find the ultimate music-themed present for the ones you love? We found three unique ideas that anyone on your list will adore, so get your headphones and wallets ready. 

PromotionalChocolate4U BTS Tinytan Message Chocolates ($14.99+)

If you have a K-Pop fan in your circle, there’s a good chance they’re a proud member of the BTS Army. Show them just how much you purple them with an adorable Tinytan chocolate set from PromotionalChocolate4U! Each little chocolate has one of the boys’ Tinytan avatars on it, and the goal is to spread a message of love and hope to everyone who takes a bite. Every box also comes with a little surprise, like stickers or a magnet, so the fun will continue even when the delicious chocolate is all gone. 

TREMG would like to thank PromotionalChocolate4U for offering us free product in exchange for an honest review!

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Funko POP! Iron Maiden Live After Death Eddie ($12)

Any metalhead could tell you all about Iron Maiden’s rugged mascot, Eddie, and how he’s become a staple of their album art and live shows over the years. So why not give them a little taste of the world of Maiden at home with an Eddie Funko POP! figure? The Live After Death version channels the cover of the band’s 1985 live album, down to the wrinkles on Eddie’s face and his lime-white hair.

(c) Funko

If you get them this figure and they love it, you know what to get them for their next birthday! Funko recently announced a new four-pack of Eddie POP!s as part of their Popapalooza campaign, drawing from the covers of Live After Death and three additional Iron Maiden albums. Any Maiden fan will want to get their hands on these, so stay tuned for the official drop!

(c) Funko

Sound As Ever Harmonica Necklace ($30)

What could be a cuter gift than a mini harmonica to carry around with them? We’re not sure! Sound As Ever is dedicated to honoring and continuing the legacy of the “Cosmic American Music” pioneer Gram Parsons, all while celebrating his love of music and the power of human connection. We think their Harmonica Necklace is the perfect present for folk-rock music lovers, fans of Parsons’ work, or anyone who lights up a room like the standout sound of a harmonica. And the harmonica actually works, so you’d be giving them a new hobby as well!

(c) Sound As Ever

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Are you picking one up for a gift, or for yourself? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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