Biden’s Christmas “Slogan” Perfectly Illustrates Inclusiveness

Despite his speech impediments and mediocre grades throughout middle school, President Joe Biden has cemented himself as a strong and inclusive President, especially compared to the previous President. This is perfectly illustrated by the Christmas theme Biden chose to decorate the White House: “We the People”. These three words, found at the start of the Constitution, remind us that all people, regardless of background, have a voice in the direction of our country. As such, the White House has been decorated where each room has a different representation and we couldn’t help but respect it.

“The soul of our nation is, as always has been, ‘We the People’”, says First Lady Jill Biden. “This is what inspired this year’s White House decoration”. News reporters and military officers were first to view the redesigned White House as wreaths and Christmas trees adorned the halllways. A sign saying “We the People” can be plainy seen across the corrider,

Other decortions include over 83,000 Chrsitmas lights as well as a Jewish menorah in the East Room. In the library is an official copy of the Declaration of Independence along with a gingerbread house version of the White House. In the dining room features pictures teachers and professors of various cultures while the Blue Room holds the official Chrismtas tree over 50 feet tall, implamanted by Black people.

“The values that unite us can be found all around you”, says President Joe Biden. “We believe in possibility, optimum, and unity. Room by room, we present what brings us together during this time of year”. Pictures of the decorated White Room can be seen below and we can feel the Christmas spirit from here!

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