Don’t Worry Darling was brilliant …

and why no one understood that.

Don’t worry Darling is a rated R horror film that is two hours and three minutes long with Director Olivia Wilde who also starred in it as “Bunny”, a best friend of her costar, Florence Pugh, in the 1950’s film, where a housewife “Alice” played by Florence Pugh who is living with her husband “Jack Chambers” played by Harry Styles in a Utopian experimental community run by “Frank” played by Chris Pine begins to worry that Jack’s’ company “The Victory Project” could be hiding disturbing secrets.{IMBD.COM}

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In a Youtube video, Nick Kroll is the Mastermind behind the Don’t Worry Darling drama extended, The Tonight Show, he believed it was better for audiences of this particular film to have very little knowledge of the film itself except to view it as a thriller – which it was- but to create a sensation around the film set but not the film itself. It was him that suggested to Harry Styles, a musician- to spit on costar Chris Pine during Vence Festival and to give him a kiss which Harry Styles has done. Well, Don’t Worry Darling’s audiences did exactly what Nick Kroll had hoped and had paid no attention to the storyline of Don’t Worry Darling itself, that a YouTuber even compare Don’t Worry Darling to WandaVision whereas some other audiences had no idea what they just saw and called it a Feminist Fever Dream.

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Alice Chambers begin to worry about her husband Jack, his job at the Victory Project which he is not allowed to talk about and her community after she witnessed one of the housewife slitting her throat and falling off the roof of her own home. Meanwhile she is completely obliviously to the fact that she is being mentally and physically tortured by Frank- her husband’s boss who has developed a sick infatuation with her ever since her husband invited him and her unknowingly in an alternative universe and soon into their marriage as well. Every day of Alice’s life in the Victory Project being is controlled by Frank who’s thoughts are being played on the radio all day and at night on the television where she falls asleep after having a drink.

In WandaVision, Wanda is a Scarlet witch who in her grief after losing Vision unintentionally creates a hex that makes up an imaginary world where she and Vision have a happy marriage. While Wanda has memories of who they really are, Vision does not and as the show goes on he begins to question everything including her whereas Alice is unknowably plugged in a cypher world by her husband who felt he was giving her a better life than the one she had where she was constantly working in a hospital and having no time for herself or her marriage. It was only until the Victory Project had entered a new couple that Frank and his wife Shelley played by Gemma Chen decided to welcome the couple publicly because he wanted to interact with his employee’s wife more directly. When he watched in awe as his employee makes love to his wife in his own own, he did so in a way the Jack would not see him and made sure he would not know by telling her to “Shh.”

In Olivia Wilde Break down ” Don’t Worry Darling Dinner Party Scene”, Vanity Fair, Youtube Video, she explains how some audiences claim the best scene of the movie was made. If an audience member were to have paid attention to the scene leading to this dinner party scene where Frank not only confesses to Alice about the Victory Project but his growing infatuation regarding his need to taunt to her to make him into a great man. The audience would have understood the dinner scene where Frank completely lies to everyone about Alice having an affair with him which he conveniently does with his wife Shelley at his side.

Shelley’s response was swift and brutal but amiss. Shelley called Alice many things including a “spoiled girl” rather just a home wrecker. She disapproves of Alice’s disapproval of Frank’s dream and her home because Shelley is not happy in her home with Frank which implies that she has known that Frank has been watching Alice intensely for sometime now and Frank is no longer trying to hide his desire for her. After all, when Jack was asked how did he get Frank to come to his home that night before Frank and his wife Shelley arrived, he answered Alice. Jack admires Frank but hates his job at the Victory Project but works for him anyway because he believes in Frank’s mission to build a world where everything is glamorous and Alice is deliriously happy and Frank has made Jack his favorite employee because of his fascination with her.

After the dinner scene, Jack does not even confront Alice about Frank’s lie about her being in his bedroom because he knew that was not true. Frank convinces Jack to let Alice get her mind erased since Frank understood Alice’s personal rejection of him. Jack lies to Alice about getting away from the Victory Project which ended in Alice getting her mind wiped away to start over again. This ends up with Alice killing him because he refused to let Frank go after Alice unexpectedly got her memory back which Frank did not intend. In the end Shelley kills Frank because Frank will not let Alice go despite the fact she does not want him and Jack is dead.

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In another Youtube video, Harry Styles, Chris Pine and Gemma Chen talk about Don’t Worry Darling in the universal concepts of toxic masculinity. Actor Chris Pine does not believe anything should be assigned to Gender identity because every person has their own idea about what makes a man “a man” and a woman “a woman”. Harry Styles actor and musician talks about reading about toxic masculinity in preparing for the role in the Victory Project. Chris Pine agrees with costar Harry Style that there is a lot of pressure put on men in society because of society Harry Styles finds that Jack chamber is a victim of the system being pressured to work at a job he hates in order to keep his wife happy whereas Chris Pine says Frank is a sociopath and is not a victim at all.

In the welcome party where the new couple was being introduced to the Victory Project, Frank talked about how much are being expected from women from their men, clean house, cooked food, strength, a shoulder to lean on and above all discretion, which is true and that is hard but the Victory Project asked women to stay home, be perfect and not ask questions when they suddenly do not feel safe. Shelley is a woman who powerful because she understand her power of stillness- being quiet, being in control – knowing when to speak in only Frank’s terms and to be perfect in position so she may serve but is just as terrifying to Frank himself because she watched Frank develop his Victory Project and his obsession with Jack and Alice Chambers and does nothing to stop it until he completely disrespects her

Olivia Wilde on directing Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in Don’t Worry Darling was about promoting equality among the actors and actresses on set. Her experiences as an actress made her want to make successful films that succeed only what silent movie made by women directors have made due to the power gap between women and men directors. The questions she had in making Don’t Worry Darling was about how far is a person willing to go in questioning a world they feel so comfortable knowing something is wrong?

Don’t Worry Darling is a movie that dealt with a lot of the pressures of being a man in society as well as being a woman, a man must provide for his wife financially and physically while his wife must provide him with comforts of a warm meal and an abundance in strength. This is why the love scene in which Jack Chambers performing oral sex on his wife Alice after a hard day at work is so important and not just in the movie industry, where the director Olivia Wilde make a good point in saying there are not a lot of movies that promote enjoyable sexual activity for female characters or audiences but because it shows the difference between the characters Jack and Frank. Jack truly loves his wife Alice whereas Frank uses his wife for his own purposes.

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The actress Florence Pugh who did not feel the need to talk about this particular intimate scene with costar Harry Styles was right because it shows a woman does not need to have a reason to have a sexual experience, let alone explain having a enjoyable one. She is an actress playing a part of a powerful storyline but coming from a different cultural and and younger generation of women, she would not completely understand how important it is for a female audience to see her perform this scene because she is from a generation of women who are free to not only explore her sexuality but to enjoy it while many around the world are not allowed.

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