Attacking a politician because of personal dislike of her mission statement is harassment and is not a strategy.

Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez is being investigated by the House of Ethics Committee although Representative Susan Wild, D- Pa and Micheal Guest R- Miss does not speak on what she is being looked into for- even though they plan to extend the search of her into the next year. Fortunately, she is cooperating and has not taken any illegal action or donations from anyone to be in any sort of trouble so she hopes that this situation will be cleared soon enough. A conservative American Accountability Foundation has complained that the Office of Congressional Ethics should look into her because she has accepted a great gift in order to attend The Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute Gala last year. { abc news Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez Under Ethics Investigation by Will Steakin, Lauren Peller and Katherine Faulders December 8, 2022}

While New York elected officials are always invited to attend the Met because of their responsibilities in supporting the city’s cultural institutions for the public and she was one of them she had explained at the time of her investigation. She had made a startling appearance with her white dress that had ” Tax the Rich” in red writing and a second disagreement was made but the National Legal and Policy Center which is a conservative group who accused her of somehow getting a sale ticket from a table sponsor for herself and boyfriend. While the house rules does allow members to take free tickets to charity events directly from the events’s organizers, the NLPC had said that it is the table sponsor who is gifting or undermining a coveted ticket to her at the Gala. And if, the companies attending the event such as Instagram or Facebook , she has received a prohibited gift from the company itself that also lobbies Congress. { Fox News New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez under Investigation by the House Ethics Committee by Louis Casino December 7, 2022}

Regardless if Alexandria Ocasio Cortez attended the Mete Gala is an ethics violation, it all counts down to who paid for her ticket according to Craig Holman, the Government Affairs Lobbyists for Public Citizen, a non profit consumer rights advocacy group. The Met Gala is a black tie annual that fundraises for the Metropolitan Museum for Art’s Costume Institute which everyone does know. A ticket can cost up tp $ 35,000 where seats can be $300,000. There are great restrictions on gifts that can be accepted by members of Congress in order to avoid any conflict of interests. Some of the restrictions include free attendance at ” widely attended events” or ” charity events” under this case a lawmaker can accept a ” unsolicited offer of free attendance” to an event if its “primary purpose is fundraising or if more than half of the proceeds are going to charity.” But it was spoken in opposition that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was invited by a person of a money making company – Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of Vogue and Executive at Conde Nast had the final approval on who can come to the Met Gala. She had served as an official co- chair of the Met Gala almost every year since 1995. { How a Met Gala invite from Anna Wintour may have landed AOC in hot water with The House Ethics Committee by Kelsey Vlamis December 9, 2022 business insider}

An email was send to Tom Jones, the president of AAF who stood his ground saying yes because Anna Wintour can invite people to attend the Met Gala does not mean, the invitation was okay. However, he did not answer any questions about the politician that he is complaining about or how her appearance was any different from the previous lawmakers who had attended the Met Gala like Mitt Rooney in the year of 2018 or Hillary Clinton then a U.S Senator in the year of 2001. Or what about Representative Carolin Maloney had attended the Met Gala on several occasions and was also investigated by The House Ethics Committee because she has been begging organizers for a invitation in the year of 2016 after she wasn’t officially invited which could violate the ethics rules. Only because Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was referred to the committee was the investigation extended so they could found out who had given her a ticket to a Met Gala since she is a politician with bold ideas and strong messages.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was not even allowed to keep the dress with the message that she is in trouble for wearing, what her opposition did to understand is that she is not going anywhere and she is here to serve America just as any other politician who does not look like her or share the same beliefs. When Florida representative Ted Yoho called her “disgusting” for suggesting that unemployment and poverty were the factors that were making crimes rates high during the coronavirus and called her a “F*cking B*tch”, she was later defended by many including those who doe not agree with her that he was wrong.{ BUST Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was just accosted and verbally harassed by GOP colleague Diana Holiner in Feminism}

In the year 2019, it was said that the former president Donald Trump became impassioned by her – a person who is half his age and completely everything that he is opposed to is make famous and calls her Eva Peron, a historical figure who was made famous in America by a Broadway Musical according to a book called American Carnage by Tim Alberta to which she responded, ” I have more strength that I appear to have.” { Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is subject of huge Ethics infestation U.S Politics, The Guardian Maritn Pengelly in New York December 8, 2022}

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