My name is Roesquiat and I’m here today with Moondios Studios! Moondios Studios is an upcoming fashion brand in Los Angeles California, today I present you an interview with the founder and co-founder of the popular upcoming brand to give you the inside scoop!


. How much experience in the fashion world

. How is La lyfë

. Talk about the foundation of Moondios/ the beginning

. What’s your Fav piece that you made so far

. Who is the Biggest Influencer you have wearing your clothes

. Who is are you influences/inspired you and your plans for the future of moonidos and where do you see the brand in 5 years

An Interview with Moon and Co-founder Earnie

 Moondios Studios

Moon – Founder of Moondios Studios

Stormo: Who is the founder and co-founder of Moondios Studio? 

Moon: Myself and Kenshinernie…

Stormo: Why did you start your brand on the West coast? 

Moon: No better place to be located than Los Angeles, Ca.

Stormo: Talk about the foundation of Moondios/ the beginning

Moon: Quality slow, fashion. Creating garments that fill voids in the spaces of fashion.

Stormo: What are your plans for expansion?

Moon: As we continue to execute our vision and grow as a whole we plan to accommodate everyone’s needs around the world and also have stock

 to be able to get a hold of our garments as soon as they are readily available.

  Ernie Co-founder – Moondios Studios

Stormo: How much experience do you have in the fashion world?

Ernie: Experience in the fashion world…

 I don’t know if I can say I have a lot of experience in the fashion world but for the brief year I’ve been doing it, it’s been amazing and wonderful to see other people’s tastes in fashion.

Stormo: How is La lyfë

Ernie: LA Lyfë: LA lyfë is just crazy honestly like LA literally got a little bit of everything, but if you wit the right crowd n with the right connections the LA lyfë is just amazing and has a certain typa feel to it especially when u got ppl that vouch for yuh or make sure u straight

Stormo: Fav piece made: 

Hmmmm… idk which one is my fave, but the Boxfest jeans was a cool piece in its own lane, but the cut n sew n 1 of 1 quilt was personally my fav, just cuz it’s different and unique and pieced together…

Stormo: Who is the Biggest Influencer you have wearing your clothes?

Ernie: The Biggest influencer wearing my clothes: 

That’s a broad spectrum in my book cuz it can go anywhere from ThouxanBanFauni to bones to even Babysantana when he posted it on his story… then u got Ssgkobe… like the spectrum is broad in my eyes so I can’t just pick one cuz there all big in their own lane.

Stormo: Who influences or inspires you, what are some of your plans for the future of Moonidos/ and where do you see the brand in 5 years?

Ernie: Idk who I influence when it comes to my outer circle but I kno I influence my friends and my artist n team to a certain extent but tbh, I don’t think I influence anyone outside of that but if I do then that’s crazy like idk.. I wouldn’t ever expect anyone outside my friend group to be influenced by me, but wit that being said, if they just keep doin you and never pretend to be sumone else… always stay true to yo self and nvr be scared to take risk in your life. You never know what the outcome of it… and my plans for MD Studios… n where I see the brand in 5 years is a tricky question to answer at this moment but just know me and Moons plans for clothes in the future is gunna be very extravagant and there’s gunna be a big flip switch so just stay tuned n keep a look out for us cuz y’all will know!

I hope you all learned a little about Moondios , the los Angeles underground fashion world and something new about yourself! Be on the lookout for Moondios Studios and be sure to check out the shop link below.

Etc. Babysantana is a upcoming artist signed by Lil Tecca at Galatic records.

Etc. SSgkobe is a upcoming artist who has songs with big established artist such as Trippie Redd and Lil Yachty.

Etc. ThouxanBanFauni is a underground legend signed to Atlantic Records.

Links to Moondios Studios Online shop and how to connect with them!

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