A New Life

A short prose to A Christmas Wish

As she remembers waking up on the Eve of Christmas morning, she felt connected to the energies of the hidden world. As their own tradition goes, one gift is allowed to be and it was a spellbound necklace and a pair of earrings that seem to be summoning the powers of moon. Perhaps a curious choice of jewelry with the planned black and gold outfit but somehow she felt completed.

She laid the pieces of jewelry on her dresser top. She remembered that on New Year’s Eve when she began to write her New Year’s Resolutions it was the beginning of impossible things. She wanted to start a new direction in her life as she was fulfilling her old dream. She began to seek out a new one, knowledge and it was a far place to go to achieve it. She loved learning as a student but she wanted to understand how to reach one because she knew the methods of she learned in her own education while not enough, it was also not effective either.

Too ambitious maybe but something truly magical happened when she opened the rest of her Christmas purchased she had wrapped herself and opened it amongst family, the cards spoke to her mind, finally and her heart knew it was true. Her world too had changed in just days, her fears were not as strong and she knew she had things she needed to do.

woman face shine Brain knowledge arrow send Gerd Altman woman – g 927d67675-640.jpg

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