A Short Story

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San could not sense his nearby gaze but with patience she took his abrupt questioning of the matter at hand. When the meal was over, she quickly walked away and was soon followed. She became sure of it when he walked close enough behind her to be noticed and she stopped abruptly her steps and turned around looking straight into this torso.

She peered up and asked the younger man, ” What do you want?”

“Are you about to go on one of your strolls? ” he inquired

She nodded.

” Good, let me join you.” he smiled at her.

” You know I walk alone.” she said to him as she tried to turn away.

” Yes but I want to talk to you.” he insisted as he crossed her way.

” You seem to know a lot about him.” he said

She sensed what he was asking, ” Yes, I loved him very much.”

He nodded quietly and told her quietly ” It won’t happened again you know that.”

” I am going to see him now.” San told him firmly.

” Yes, I know.” he answered unbothered.

She was able to break their positions and walk more quickly.

He grabbed her arm, pulled her to him, grabbe and began to kiss her passionately but she pushed him away yet he held onto her by pressing her firmly to his body but she said “No.”

He let her go, she begins to ran away and he followed her still. San did not want him to keep following her so she angrily turned around and faced him.

” I don’t want you.” she glared at him.

” No, no you don’t. And I am not going to stop or hurt you.” he breathed out and leaned towards her ” But as it turns out, he is not the man he used to be and you are now a lot more than you were then, that I am sure of.”

” He is not sick man.” she replied ” If you kiss me again I will stab you.”

He chuckled at her ” Like you tried that day? Your temper is so..” he smiled at her. Then he looked up and looked back at her, ” Enjoy the rest of your day.” he smiled at her and left.

San remembered when she lunged at him with a fork when he challenged her account of the betrayal he knew nothing of that now threatens the community. She is not a violent by nature but his interrogation was cruel. An opportunity of a new friendship lost and that kiss was a terrible accident.

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