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At a boxing ring in North Carolina, a 7 year pitbull had suffered major injuries and was taken to a vet to have its ear amputated. While the owner Jaclyn Garner reports that the dog is very healthy now, he couldn’t help naming his adopted dog “Van Gogh” after the event. However, this was not the only resemblance to Van Gogh.

Gaener decided to teach Van Gogh to paint pictures with its tongue. “I just couldn’t resist”, says Garner. “I put peanut butter into a pant bag to lure Van Gogh and, before long, he was licking away at the canvas. It was adorable”. One painting included a rendition of the Starry Night painting with spiraly ink blobs everywhere while other painting depicts polka dots created from the canine’s saliva.

Eventually, Garner created a gallery of Van Gogh’s paintings  near the boxing ring where she compared the dog’s works with the original artists and the similarities are well evident. While the event was met with few attendants, it eventually went viral online with over 40 thousand users paying $50 for the artworks. The money will go towards animal adoption services, according to Garner.

“We have so many people on Facebook wanting to adopt Van Gogh”, says Garner. “We appreciate all of your support and we’re currently working on a potential adaption so stay tuned”.

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