Comptroller Peter Franchot served in public office in Maryland for four decades, according to CBS News.

The state honored the public servant for his longevity and work in public office.

Officials unveiled a portrait in the state house as a tribute to Franchot, as he hands his seat to the next Comptroller, Brooke Lierman.

The 75-year-old is in the final days of his fourth and final term as Comptroller where he earned the job, defeating incumbent William Donald Shaeffer in 2006.

Maryland’s Comptroller collects taxes and votes on the Board of Public Works.

Franchot, at times, found himself at odds with members of his own party and Governor Larry Hogan.

“We found a way to disagree without being disagreeable,” Gov. Hogan said. “We were always pretty straightforward with one another and we did come together and work on a lot of things in a bipartisan way.”

Lierman is set to be sworn in on January 16.

The state delegate from Baltimore City became the first woman elected to the post.

“It’s been a very smooth transition because of Brooke Lierman and the fact she’s smart,” Franchot said. “She’s intelligent. She’s very focused on policies. She works hard.”

“I’m honored to be a part of what is truly a historic expecting and swearing-in process,” Lierman said.

Lierman said the public may not notice many changes right off the bat.

She’s expected to keep much of the staff in place.

“I certainly hope that we gain a reputation as responsive, transparent, and really dedicated to serving the people of Maryland,” Lierman said.

Franchot came in third in his bid for governor last summer.

Governor- elect Wes Moore was among those Thursday who praised Franchot’s 36 years in public service.

Lierman said she plans on creating a taxpayer advocate office and public engagement directors across the state.

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