HUH YUNJIN Refuses To Be Toyed With On “I ≠ DOLL”

It’s been a monumental few months for LE SSERAFIM thanks to the success of their smash hit “ANTIFRAGILE,” and they’re gearing up for an equally incredible 2023! Member HUH YUNJIN just released a solo single called “I ≠ DOLL,” a thought-provoking statement on what it’s like to be a celebrity in the digital age, for which she also illustrated a reflective music video. She compares the way the internet has played around with her to the way someone would play with a doll, over a trap-infused instrumental that helps grab your attention and drive her point home.

The track conveys some of my thoughts since our debut. Sometimes appearance becomes the main criteria by which one judges another. ‘I ≠ DOLL’ expresses these moments that I have experienced myself and is also told from the third-person perspective of someone who could have experienced them. I hope the song’s message will resonate with many people.


Before becoming a member of LE SSERAFIM, Yunjin grew up in America and often participated in choir and theater shows – she even sang opera in some productions. “I ≠ DOLL” is her second solo single following the release of “Raise y_our glass” in August 2022, which she dropped as a gift for fans on LSF’s 100-day anniversary. And in addition to writing her own songs, Yunjin has writing credits on LE SSERAFIM’s “Blue Flame,” “Impurities,” “No Celestial,” and “Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am),” all of which have become fan-favorites amongst their FEARNOTs. She shared in the group’s The World Is My Oyster documentary:

I first started wanting to become a singer around the 7th grade [but I thought], ‘If I’m Asian, does that mean I can’t be on TV in America?’ I thought about that a lot because there wasn’t anyone like me on TV. That hurt me a lot and I thought, ‘Why was I born this way? Do I have to give up my dream because of this?’ I couldn’t go on stage as much, so from then on, I started songwriting. I wrote lots of songs and learned instruments. I first experienced how to tell my own story through music and I was so touched. It was so fun and fascinating.


You can find HUH YUNJIN’s “I ≠ DOLL” on your favorite streaming services now, and learn more about LE SSERAFIM on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! You can also check out more of our K-Pop coverage right here to refresh your playlists. 


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