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Unprecedented Announcement

February 21st marked the anniversary of Slain Civil Rights leader Malcolm X, and in an unprecedented move, the family has marked the occasion with a lawsuit. 

On Tuesday, two of Malcolm X’s daughters stood with civil rights attorney Ben Crump at the site of Malcolm X’s assassination to announce their decision to lodge a lawsuit against the CIA, FBI, and the New York Police Department. The family has decided to sue the parties mentioned above for 100 million dollars for their alleged role in the death of Malcolm X.

The Family of Malcolm X Seeks Justice

According to PBS, Ilyasah Shabazz set things in order by filing a claim. As PBS notes, the claim contends, “the agencies acted conspiratorially alongside other individuals in a way as to bring about the wrongful death of Malcolm X.” According to Shabazz, the time is past due for just recompense. And in her words, “we want justice served for our father.”

A Massive Foul Up

History records that three men from the nation of Islam were formally charged for the murder of Malcolm X. The three named perpetrators, Muhammad A. Aziz, Mujahid Abdul Halim, and Khalil Islam, were sentenced for first-degree murder. According to, the three were handed a 20-year sentence. However, only one confessed to the murder. The others maintained their innocence. In 2021, both Muhammad A. Aziz and Khalil Islam were exonerated. However, Aziz passed before his exoneration. And Islam was an octogenarian upon his release. 

Ben Crump Stands with Malcolm X’s Family

Crump stood a staunch pillar at the conference in full support of the legal pursuit. According to Crump, he believes,” the government agencies with the inclusion of the Manhattan district attorney, the NYPD, and the FBI had factual evidence, exculpatory evidence they fraudulently concealed from the men wrongfully convicted for the assassination of Malcolm X.” And he stands on the belief that the government agencies were participatory in the civil rights leader’s death. When directly asked if that is what is being argued, Crump contended, “that is what we are alleging, yes. They infiltrated many civil rights organizations.”

However, none of the organizations named in the suit have issued a comment in lieu of the public pronouncement of the family’s intentions. 

In Conclusion

Given the historical nature of such a lawsuit, it certainly sets precedence. And it is a story to follow.

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