Writer, @tahyira shared this response on her X feed, oh yeah Twitter is now X if you did not know.

So again #whiteprivilege creates a violent situation where there was previously only a Black person BEING BLACK. Lol got it now? These cameras are the saviors for us none of this is new. Imagine if someone recorded the capture of Emmett Till on that river. Its technology that helps us yell #BLACKLIVESMATTER and we DO NOT OWN ANY TECH.

Is she right? August brings us sixty years since MLK Jr’s March on Washington. Black America has been fighting for the last 60 years to bring equity to their communities through governmental changes. August is also Black Business Month. We are featuring 50 different Black Brands in all 50 states next week so check back for that story, in the mean time, we are still very obviously fighting to just do our jobs around the United States. The events in Alabama have gone viral.

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