Is there anything quite like the rush of discovering a new song or artist you can’t get enough of? We think not, and that’s exactly why we at TREMG love spotlighting rising and underappreciated talent to give creators at every level the recognition they deserve. So many artists spent August offering fans new treats, releasing some of the best work of their career, and opening up in their lyrics like never before. Throughout August, we got to talk to incredible artists like Frankie Bird about their latest projects, but there’s a whole world of talent making their own waves. Here are some of our favorite new releases from this month!

aespa – “Better Things”

There’s really no better thing to do with your time than to dive into the world of aespa, and their latest English single, “Better Things,” is the perfect opportunity to do so! Co-written by RAYE, the song is all about knowing your worth and stepping away from situations that don’t make you happy anymore. It’s the perfect energy you need going into fall, captures the girls’ energy in such a fun light, and offers a great reminder for any time you find yourself slipping into old habits or staying around people who don’t deserve your time. Get more empowerment from aespa on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

To be able to showcase our second, full-English single — we’re super excited. And because it has a different color, a different style than what we usually do, we’re very curious what the fans will think.

Giselle during aespa’s Audacy Check In


If there’s one thing EVERGLOW will do every comeback, it’s slay. So you could imagine how excited we were to hear their latest comeback with “SLAY!” They’re truly “shining like diamonds and pearls” on this song, showcasing their fierce confidence and impeccable energy so well. The group’s fans, FOREVER, have been waiting what feels like forever for new music, and after a year and a half, they’ve delivered some of their most unforgettable, powerful work to date. And if you love “SLAY” as much as we do, be sure to check out EVERGLOW’s ALL MY GIRLS single album, which includes new tracks “Oh Ma Ma God” and “Make Me Feel.” Then swing on over to their pages on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

We worked really hard on this album because we wanted to impress FOREVER once again with a new song. We’re looking forward to making precious memories with this album promotion. Please give a lot of support and love to EVERGLOW!


LIA LIA – “Am I Human?”

With the end of summer comes the end of sunny afternoons and Daylight Savings Time, and as the gloom of fall descends upon us, your playlist should be equipped with at least one good existential anthem to get you through it. We propose LIA LIA’s “Am I Human?” for the job – this gloriously sludgy track will have you questioning the world around and inside of you, while also offering some playful comedic relief and pondering why we can’t just be cats. The lyrics and passionate vocals channel the frustration of those dizzying feelings into rallying food for thought, and you’ll definitely be thinking about this song and the questions it poses for a long time. If it resonates with you, check out LIA LIA on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

My new single ‘Am I Human?’ is the answer to my previous lead single, ‘I’m a Moth!!’ While ‘moth’ is about wanting to be a rockstar, self love, self acceptance and breaking free from the norm, ‘Am I Human?’ is about the more important, philosophical and fundamental questions in life… like ‘Why do we have to get out of bed?,’ ‘Why can’t I be a cat?,’ and ‘Am I Human?’


Neck Deep – “Take Me With You”

When headlines swirled around earlier this summer about the US government having a hearing to discuss UFOs and the possibility of alien life, the internet was mostly (surprisingly) unbothered. After the chaos of the past few years, the idea of getting snatched up in a UFO and voyaging through space actually sounded pretty nice! And now, we’re getting some amazing music out of it thanks to UK rockers Neck Deep and their ridiculously fun “Take Me With You,” which plays with that exact idea while paying a bit of homage to Blink-182’s “Aliens Exist.” Throughout the song, frontman Ben Barlow is totally nonchalant while thinking about meeting aliens and going on a little joyride in their spaceship, bringing that pop-punk trope of hating your hometown to a whole new intergalactic level. Escapism never felt so stellar! Take a trip with Neck Deep on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and their official website.

‘Take Me With You’ is one of those songs where I had the title first. Literally as simple as ‘we should write a song about aliens called “Take Me With You.”’ So conceptually and lyrically it was pretty straightforward. A few of us in the band are big UFO heads, particularly Seb, so we had a lot of fun writing this one.

Neck Deep vocalist Ben Barlow

Pascal Shrady – “Sugar Rush”

There’s nothing quite like the rush of falling in love, but Pascal Shrady’s “Sugar Rush” comes pretty close! This 80s-influenced track is all about the magic of seeing you and your crush’s “worlds melt together” and the euphoria that comes with making new memories together. Meanwhile, fun references to different candies, ice cream, and sodas call back to the excitement of young love and the sweetness of those feelings. Pascal’s attention to detail in the lyrics and production, which he worked on alongside Joey Mora, make “Sugar Rush” an immersive, colorful wonderland of adrenaline and wholesome affection. There’s nothing not to love! Connect with Pascal Shrady on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and his official website.

Rosie Darling – “Villain”

Let Rosie Darling become a key character in your musical life story with “Villain,” a lush pop reflection on those tricky relationships in which the other person constantly makes you feel like the antagonist, whether you deserve it or not. It’s about learning to accept that person’s view of you and forgiving yourself for the mistakes you did make, but focusing on your peace and freedom from the chaos instead. Gorgeous lyrics like “I don’t wanna forgive you, it will kill me if I don’t” show off Rosie’s vulnerable artistry while also perfectly capturing that back-and-forth of acceptance, frustration, and healing. It’s everything you need to process that pain and let go. Learn more about Rosie on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

‘Villain’ is about learning to be okay with being the ‘bad guy’ in someone else’s story.  For some people, it is easier to blame others than to take responsibility for their role in their own suffering, and this song is my way of letting those relationships go instead of trying to continuously fix them. Once you learn that universal truth that not everyone will understand you and your heart, it is easier to let go.

Rosie Darling

YUNGBLUD – “Hated”

With every song he releases, YUNGBLUD truly opens the doors to his world and invites you right into its beautiful darkness – but that’s never been more true than with his latest single, “Hated.” From the very first lyrics, you can already tell that this is the most confessional, cathartic song that Dominic Harrison has ever released, and that’s what has made him such a compelling artist over the years. He pours out his heart, his deepest feelings, and even his most painful memories into moving records that will change your life and help you feel less alone in your worst moments. “Hated” is an anthology of unpacking trauma, admitting faults, and finding your place in a world that only wants to keep you down, and it’s also almost unquestionably the best YUNGBLUD song to date. If you don’t hate it, get to know Dom on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and his website!

Warning: The song below discusses topics like child sexual abuse and outing a queer person – please proceed with caution if this might trigger you!

What were your favorite releases this month? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

By Madison Murray
Featured Image: SM Entertainment, via Warner Records

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