Date: August 30, 2023

by: Natalie Jameson

Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, 43, has secured a preliminary legal victory in his ongoing legal dispute with Melissa Schuman, 39, who accused him of sexual assault dating back to 2002. The lawsuit, which alleges Carter raped Schuman at a friend’s apartment in Santa Monica, has led to a back-and-forth legal exchange that has now culminated in the judge’s recent decision.

Carter, who vehemently denies the accusations, filed a countersuit against Schuman for defamation. In response, Schuman and her father filed a motion seeking to block Carter’s countersuit. The motion was presented to the court in Las Vegas, where Carter was present to hear the outcome.

The judge ultimately ruled in favor of Carter, denying the former Dream bandmember’s attempt to have the countersuit dismissed. The decision was based on the judge’s assessment that Carter had presented substantial evidence to support his defamation case, thus allowing it to proceed.

According to TMZ, Carter’s attorney, Liane K. Wakayama, reacted to the ruling, stating, “For years, Melissa and Jerome Schuman have been conspiring with anyone they could manipulate to drum up false claims against Nick Carter in a brazen attempt to get rich off of him. Today’s ruling confirms that Nick will be able to pursue that truth to its inevitable conclusion and expose the Schumans’ and their co-conspirators’ deceit and deplorable conduct.”

As both sides gear up for the legal proceedings ahead, Carter’s legal team intends to fully investigate the allegations against their client and unveil what they believe to be false claims. The accusations against Carter have garnered significant media attention, shining a spotlight on the complex issues surrounding such allegations and the legal battles that follow.

Unfortunately, this is far from Carter’s first round of legal woes surrounding sexual assault allegations. Reportedly, the “I Want It That Way” singer was accused of allegedly assaulting a woman multiple times when she was 15 in 2003 — claims that the 43-year-old has repeatedly denied. Apparently, the woman was noted as one of two other women who have also stepped forth in accusing the former bandmate of sexual misconduct. Carter was also accused of sexually assaulting a woman named Shannon Ruth back in 2001 after a concert when she was a minor. Ruth has also filed a lawsuit against Carter to which he also denies the claims.

With both cases now set to move forward, the ongoing legal dispute between Nick Carter and Melissa Schuman promises to remain a closely watched case, highlighting the challenges of navigating allegations of sexual assault within the legal system.

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