Date: August 30, 2023

by: Natalie Jameson

They’ve risen as pop culture icons who have gladly graced social media platforms with their extensive posts emulating their unique flair and diva-like personalities. However, behind the story of many social media influencers are cracks underneath the facade they project that life is all glamour, glitz, and gold. In fact, recently, there have been a series of tragic stories that have unveiled the lives of social media gurus showcasing their untimely deaths as a result of dire and devastating incidents. One of the lastest to join the list is Beauty Couch.

Social media influencer and rollerskating guru, Beauty Couch, aka Beauty Katera, was a rising icon known for her colorful posts on IG surrounding fashion, vibrant aesthetics, skating dance videos, and more. But on August 23, 2023, she was found dead in Austell, Georgia at the age of 22. According to reports online, firefighters responded to a fire in the woods and found a vehicle burning in flames.

After further investigation, police identified Couch as the vehicle’s owner and proceeded to search the area later discovering her body nearby. A harrowing end to the grim pleas from her fans, followers, family, and friends’ requests for updates surrounding her mysterious disappearance as it was stated the beloved influencer hadn’t been seen since that Tuesday morning.

Now, authorities have turned to her boyfriend, Eugene Louis-Jocques, 21, as the main suspect in her murder following his arrest in Louisiana three days later — a sad ending for a young woman seen in the spotlight as a glowing happy figure who embodied the epitome of confidence and style through her lively skating rituals, gone too soon.

Beauty Couch had an impressive follower count of 150,000 on Instagram. Family and friends referred to her as a loving sweet person.

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