Adults in the affected areas of Lahaina and Kula will be eligible to receive $1,200 each month as they get back on their feet.

As Americans approach a holiday weekend focused on the end of Summer, our friends and family affected by the devestating wildfires are grappling for basic needs, mainly as Oprah put it, cash in hand.

“We want people to have their own agency, to do what they feel is right for them…” Oprah spoke in the promotional video for the launch of the fund. The Rock, standing behind her, echoed the need for urgency and spoke on the confusion donors have with direct support. “Collaborating closely with an esteemed advisory board and support from the local community and respected elders, this new fund will serve as a bridge to provide cash directly to the families and individuals affected so that they can personally determine how best to use the funds for themselves,” a statement about the undertaking said.

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