As summer comes to an end, in comes the excitement (and chaos) of the back-to-school season! Whether you’re a student yourself or a parent getting ready to send off your favorite scholar, there can be a lot of stress during this time if you’re not prepared. We’ve rounded up three products you’ll definitely wanna check out to make this season easier for you and your family! And they’re all under $20, so you won’t have to max out your budget to buy them alongside the usual supplies.

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Isaac Jacobs Clear 2-Section Organizer ($16.99)

Need to give your desk a neat makeover, or want to keep your dorm bathroom organized? This glittering acrylic organizer is perfect for all the essentials you need for a study session or to get ready for your day! It’s so versatile and durable, not to mention how sleek and stylish it is. You’ll have room for all your stationery, makeup, or tech accessories! It’s also a great size – big enough to hold your must-haves, but not so big that it’ll take up all your surface space.

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Kids Crafts Bites of Brilliance Lunch Box Cards ($14.99)

Add a little sunshine to your child’s lunch with these adorable lunchbox cards featuring inspirational messages! Each set comes with 50 cheerful designs that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face and keep them motivated for their afternoon classes. You can also write your own message on the back for a more personal touch and to add even more empowering notes. These cards are seriously some of the cutest school accessories we’ve ever seen, and they’ll bring so much joy to your family throughout the year!

TREMG would like to thank Kids Crafts for letting us try their Bites of Brilliance Lunch Box Cards in exchange for an honest review!

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Zebra Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighters ($16, originally $19.99)

If you’ve ever ventured over to Studygram or NoteTok, you’ve probably seen those colorful rewritten notes that make reviewing material so much more fun. A lot of the time, they’re using Zebra Mildliners! These bright highlighters are perfect for making your notes look nicer or keeping your calendar organized – we recommend using different colors to note down exams, class times, and meetups with friends. 

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By Madison Murray
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